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Blue Eyes, Blond Hair, Light Skin, Tall, Aryan,

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How many people other than Jews were killed in the Holocaust

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Q: What kind of people did Hitler like?
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Why did people let Hitler do what he did?

it was more like people did what they did because they thought that Hitler would like it.

How was Hitler and his people was like?

Hitler's health deteriorated, his people were obedient (to generalise).

What was Hitler mum like?

Kind, loving and gentle

Did Adolph Hitler like the people?

he was racist to the people how did not like

What kind of people did hitler hated besides the jews?


Why do people compare Obama to Hitler?

he is not like Hitler its called racism

What did Hitler do in Germany?

He was Germany's chancellor, which is kind of like a president.

What kind of books did Adolf Hitler like?

Kama Sutra

What kind of music did Adolf Hitler like?

Bruckners music

What kind of people did Hitler want?

hitler only wanted white german people. that was his plan to be as for the master race of his inglorious vision.

What kind of influence does Adolf Hitler show to people in the modern world?

Hitler influences people in many ways, To most the influence is that to not be like him and to never anyone to be a "Adolf Hitler". However, Hitler has influenced 10,000s to 100,000s of people in making attempeds to restore the Nazi Party and to carrying on Hitler's and the Nazi ideology. Also in the middle, Hitler does influence the kind of capability Human beings actually have and many psychologists do try to understand the criminal mind to guess how Hitler mind had work. Not all pyschologist do this, only a handful actually do this.

What kind of children did Hitler kill?

Hitler killed Jewish children and people because he hated the Jews

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