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Becuase France had set up a blockade in East Africa and the people of Spain couldn't get their supplies that they needed very much

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Q: Why did Truman airlift supplies to Berlin?
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Why did Truman order an airlift to Berlin?

to deliver food and supplies to West Berlin

What did Truman do when the Soviets denied access to Berlin?

Organized giganic airlift of supplies to Berlin.

Who was the US president that ordered supplies to go to West Berlin during the Berlin airlift?

President Truman

Why did Truman order the Berlin airlift?

he was bored.....

How did president Truman save west Berlin?

The Russians wanted the western sectors so they wouldn't allow food and supplies into Berlin. The airlift provided food and supplies for West Berlin for nearly a year.

Who was the president during the Berlin airlift?

President Truman

Who was president during the Berlin airlift?

Harry Truman was the president when the airlift foiled the Soviet blockade of West Berlin.

What action was it called when the Soviets blocked the Allies' access to Berlin and the US had to airlift in supplies?

The Berlin Airlift.

The Berlin airlift was US reaction to?

The Berlin Airlift was in reaction to the Berlin Blockade. The United States and allies delivered supplies to West Berlin.

What did the US supplies to Berlin during the Berlin Airlift?

nothing the sucked

What was the US response to the blockade of Berlin?

President Truman responded to the blockade by sending planeloads of much-needed supplies to West Berlin. For more information on the Berlin Airlift consult the online Truman Library and Museum by following the link to the left.

Food and supplies were delivered to people into west Berlin during the?

Berlin Airlift

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