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Q: Would the nation have been willing to risk a civil war over the tariff issue?
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What did the North favor that the South did not just before the Civil War that would protect them from foreign competition?

A high tariff on imports

Did Andrew Jackson oppose the tariff in 1828?

Yes, Andrew Jackson opposed the tariff in 1828 because he believed that it would start a civil war and also ran hiscampaign as a man of the country, not a man of sectionalism.

Who passed the morrill tariff to raise money for the civil war?

the south.

Why was the tariff policy important in 1832?

One of the causes that started the Civil War.

What was the civil war over?

Whether the US would be a nation where people owned slaves on or not.

What are the three points of the American system?

A pre-civil war set of measures designed to unify the nation and strengthen its economy by means of protective tariff's, a national bank, and such internal improvements as the development of a transportation system

If the South had won the Civil War what would happen?

The south would make slavery all throughout the nation.

Did john browns raid unite the nation against slavery?

If it had united the entire nation against slavery, there would have been no Civil War.

Who fights in the wars?

What wars are you talking about and the question is too unspecific to answer. soldiers and anyone willing to take up arms in some cases such as civil wars or if you're nation is invaded

How would your politics be different if the south had won the Civil War?

The Confederate States of America would still be there, as a sovereign nation.

What bill was the first major tariff reduction since the civil war?

The Phone Bill of 1969

What region in the us opposed the tariff before the civil war?

The south, because they exported goods.

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