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Yes, if a court terminates the biological father's parental rights on the grounds that he is an unfit parent, or the biological father fails to appear for hearings on the matter.

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Q: Can child be adopted without biological fathers consent?
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Can a child in Idaho be adopted without the biolgical fathers consent?

No. Only in Utah is his consent not needed, just a notification.

What should be done if the biological parent contacts the adopted child without consent?

call adoption support for your state.

Can a stepfather adopt a child without the biological fathers consent in england?

now a stepfather can't adopt a child without the concent of the child's father

Can you adopt your 18 yr old daughter without biological fathers consent?

yes if eitherShe can and does consent to be adopted (adult adoption)Her birth father's parental rights have been legally terminated (Child adoption, can be done in some states from ages 18 to 25)

Can a child get baptized without the fathers consent?


Can a stepfather take a child away from the biological mother without her consent?

Step parents have no legal right to children unless they have adopted the children. If they have adopted, then the step parent has the same legal rights as biological parents.If there is something going on in the court system, then again, the answer is different

Can a mother take a child to live out of state without consent?

If there is a custody agreement in place through the courts, the mother cannot take the child out of state without the fathers consent. If there is no agreement in place, the mother does not have to have the fathers consent.

Can you move out if you are 17 and adopted in Michigan without a parents consent?

No, only with parental consent or when you are 18.

Can a mother travel out of city with an infant without fathers consent?


Can you take a fathers name off a birth certificate without his consent?


Can a pregnant mom leave state without the fathers consent?


If one of your parents was adopted can you find out who your biological grandparents are without the knowledge or consent of your parent?

With limited information it is possible to locate biological parents/grandparents via the internet at such sights as Look for reunion registries through which you can find biological parents if they want to be found.

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