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they traveled at night so that they couldn't be seen as easily.

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Q: Did slaves travel on the underground railroad in the night or day?
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How long has Harriet Tubman been freeing slaves?

The travel time from Maryland to Philadelphia in neighboring Pennsylvania was not extremely long even in the 1840's, only a few days to a week. But escaped slaves were safer traveling only at night as they had to avoid being seen. The shortest distance from Dorchester (near Cambridge, MD) to Philadelphia is about 140 miles, across northern Delaware.

How did geography affect the underground railroad?

A difficult and dangerous trip north to Canada became the dream of many slaves seeking freedom. Eventually a rescue route called the Underground Railroad was developed to help these runaways find freedom. But even with this route there were dangers around every corner. This unit study follows the trek of some of these slaves as they fight their way to freedom. With no maps and no clear directions the fugitive slaves would travel on foot through forests, sometimes they would hide in wagons to travel by day and through towns and then there was the waterways where they would wade, swim, raft and ferry across! The Great Lakes divided Upper and Lower Canada (now Ontario and Quebec) with the United States. There were only a few places where the lakes could be crossed. Slave hunters knew this and so they kept an eye on these towns. With the North star as their guide, fugitive slaves headed north, with hopes to find Canada and freedom. Since runaway slaves traveled at night so as to avoid capture, the North star was the easiest guide to follow. But what about cloudy nights when the stars were hidden? Sometimes they had a compass to help them find their way but other times they had to rely on other means of determining which way is north.

What are the release dates for TCM Underground - 2006 Night of the Living Dead The Crazies 1-3?

TCM Underground - 2006 Night of the Living Dead The Crazies 1-3 was released on: USA: 28 October 2006

How much cotton did slaves have to pick by the end of the day?

They had to pick until night time. from dawn to duska normal field hand slave was expected to pick 150-200 pounds of cotton a day

Slaves were kidnapped from where?

Slaves were kept on crowded ships and then sold off to people-mothers were separated from children, brothers were separated from brothers, husbands were separated from wifes. then they were bought by field owners and the such to work for them and a slave barrack was used to house them. Depending on what country they where, wich basically we had slaves that belonged to the eglish, spanish, the french and the portuguese in the americas, or to the beliefe or preference of the owne, barracks would differ. some had chackel like devices for keeping the slaves chained up at night, or they were simply told the rules of the particular ranch were they were held.

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What you slaves do at night?

If you meant what DO slaves do at night, they travel on the underground railroad to the Confederate States of America (South, the bad guys) to the United States of America (north, the good guys)

Who were the conductor of the undergroud railroad?

the "conductors" was a code the system used to keep the underground railroad a secret. the "conductors were guides for the slaves who would go in and take the slaves out if they asked. the "conductors" would the travel at night on foot with the slaves for 10-12 hours at night, everyday.

Were there Underground Railroads?

The underground railroad were a series of underground passages that led to "safe houses" for the slaves. The slaves could stop at these houses for food and rest without fear of being turned in. The passages, or underground railroad, led to states where slavery was illegal and therefore they gained their freedom.

When did the slaves escape from the underground railroad?

Slaves escaped from the south using the underground railroad during any season. The most common times were at night, or early morning, in winter-spring.

How did the slaves hide on the Underground Railroad?

The slaves would travel at night, so as not to be seen, and during the day there were houses or barns or buissness owned by abolitionists where the could stay and hide until nightfall

Why was the underground railroad fast?

the underground railroad is not actually a railroad, but a escape system back in the 1800's to help slaves escape. it was not fast, and it could sometimes take the slaves months to get to the north. they were after all, hiding in houses and traveling at night. (so don't try to see if you can get a ticket on the underground railroad!)

How did slaves travel in the Underground Railroad?

The underground railroad wasn't really a "railroad". It had a deeper meaning. The "underground railroad" was the hope that slaves may one day escape and the actions of those who helped slaves escape into freedom. People from the southern states that sympathized with the slaves helped them escape moving north. Slaves were not safe even in states that outlawed slavery because of the Fugitive Slave Act. They had to continue to Canada.

How did slaves remain undetected when escaping onto the underground railroad?

The 'Underground Railroad' network remained undetected because of its stealth techniques by resting by day, and traveling by night.

What was the meaning of go down Moses for slaves?

It was a cue to leave that night to follow the underground railroad to freedom.

Where did abolitionists live?

Abolitionists lived along the Underground Railroad so they could assist slaves on the run by giving a safe place to spend the night. Other abolitionists lived in big cities to inform slaves about the underground railroad.

How did the slaves access the Underground Railroad?

slaves would go on land at night and then follow the north star and look for certain houses with lights on.

Why was the underground railroad assembled?

the underground railroad was assembled to help slaves escape from the south to the north. it was formed out of many non slave owners, who would hide escaping slaves in their house until the next night, when they could continue their journey north.