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Adulterated paneer contains corn starch instead of milk extract.

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Q: How is paneer is adulterated?
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Where did paneer originate?

Paneer originated in Persia.

How is paneer used?

Paneer is mainly used for making various kinds of sabjeesor for preparing various dishes by cooking it with other vegetables. Some famous paneer sabjees are malai paneer, shahi paneer, paneer lababdar, kadhai paneer, paneer bhujiya, etc. Paneer is also used to make ummy parathas . Since paneer is excessively rich in protiens so doctors also suggest many of their patients to eat it without cooking. Paneer to me is a very special as it can be used to make a variety of things. The dishes prepared by paneer are very very tasty and I suggest you too to taste it once.:) :)

How do you make paneer?

Soy paneer is essentially tofu.

How do you make soy paneer?

Soy paneer is essentially tofu.

What is malai paneer?

Malai paneer is a tasty Indian sabjee, very special and rich. It is made with cream and paneer and has an amazing taste.

How do you say paneer in English?

The English name for Paneer is "Cottage Cheese".

What is soy paneer?

Paneer is an Indian cheese. I didn't know there was a soy version!!!

Is paneer a high fat or a low fat food?

Paneer is a relatively low fat food. Paneer has roughly only 10 percent of the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol of regular cheese.

Which are Indian paneer dishes?

Image result for Which are Indian paneer dishes Paneer is a fresh cheese that is a common ingredient used in northern Indian (as well as other nearby countries') cooking. Perhaps most well known is Palak Paneer, the iconic green spinach curry served with golden pan-fried paneer!

What is the difference between paneer and cheese?

The difference between cheese and paneer is that paneer is one kind of cheese. There are hundreds of cheeses made worldwide. See Related Links.

Is yogurt paneer?

Some times it is. But most of the time it is not. To make it paneer you have to use special ingredients.

Is paneer vegetable or non vegetable?

Paneer is Veg. It is made from Soya. No paneer is not vegetarian in origin, it is made from the milk (an animal product). The one made from Soya is called tofu.