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Only if you apply to become a Canadian citizen. Once you get residency in Canada you can apply for provincial healthcare.

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Q: If an American marries a Canadian in Canada can she get Canadian healthcare?
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If a Canadian marries an American in America is it legal in Canada?

The marriage would normally be recognized in Canada- but simply being married to a Canadian wouldn't give the American any right to live in Canada (if that's what you're really trying to find out).

What are some of the advantages of the Canadian Healthcare System?

Canada's healthcare is free to all of their citizens. The healthcare is payed for by the money that is collected through the sales taxes. This healthcare insures all of Canada's residents.

If a Mexican Citizen marries a Canadian Citizen in Canada does the Mexican Citizen automatically have Canadian Citizenship?

no, he needs to get a 3 year stay

How can I be a Canadian citizen if you are American?

I have a dual citizen ship and am both Canadian and American You can do this by Immigrating to Canada

Is there such thing as Canadian cheese and is it just another name for American cheese?

Canadian cheese is made in Canada. Canada is in America. Hence Canadian cheese is American cheese.

What happens if an American citizen marries Canadian citizen in Canada and the Canadian is bankrupt what happens with sponsorship and visas and such?

Any questions you have you should refer them to the Canada CIC. It is not impossible for the Canadian to sponsor you if he/she filed for bankruptcy but it does make it more difficult. Mainly they have to be able to AFFORD to take care of you once youre in Canada. But refer to the CIC. Google it. Canada CIC for all info. Good luck

If a foreigner marries a Canadian of the same sex in the Canadian High Commision in Trinidad can he obtain legal residency in Canada?

A Canadian marrying someone in a Canadian Mission is considered to have been on Canadian territory where Canadian laws apply

Does Canada use American money?

No, they use Canadian money, the Canadian Dollar.

What is the line called between Canada and the US?

The line between Canada and the Unites States is called the Canadian-American border or American-Canadian border.

Is Shaun White from Canada?

No, he is not a Canadian, he is an American from California.

Can an American marry a Canadian in Canada?

Yes they can.... You can marry anyone in Canada.... :3

Can Americans turn into candaians?

That depends on how you define "American" and "Canadian". An American can certainly move to Canada and become a citizen, but you still will not be a "true" Canadian, as you were not born in Canada.

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