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Men would where breech cloths and pant-type clothing made from deer leather. In the summer months little clothing would be worn, but in the winter months thick furs and many layers of leather would be used. Men would wear a Kastowa or headdress made from split turkey feathers with three upright eagle feather.

Women would wear a skirt-type clothing and would wear a yoke piece that would cover the upper body. Winter would be the time of wear thick furs.

Children would wear smaller forms of clothing as the adults.

Feet would be wrapped in leather and moccasins would be worn.


Men would were dark pants, with breech cloth that is decorated by bead work. A European-type shirt would be worn, and decorated with metal and bead work. Belt would be a red sash to denote trade with the French. A British gonch or neck piece would be worn to signal British military involvement. The Kastowa would still be worn, now with metal or bead work along the brim. Winter would be heavy jackets and furs.

Women would were a long dress made from European cloth, with floral patterns. A skirt is still worn and a dark yoke would be worn around the neck. Hair would be tired or put in a bun. A shaw would be carried and furs during colder months.

Moccasins are still worn on the feet and would be decorated with beads.

Children would just wear a smaller version of the adult clothing.

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Q: What did the Mohawk Indians wear?
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