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Kaal Chakra - means the Time wheel. Denotes the 24 hours in a day.

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Q: What does the lines in circle of India flag means?
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What is name of an Indian king?

Samrat Ashoka was the last king of India . one of his royality symbol was Circle with 52 lines inside becouse of this reason indian flag has that Circle in its flag .

In the flag of India there were 24 dots around the circle what does it mean?

It means the 24 hours in a day.

Which country's flag the most lines of symmetry?


What is the name of an Indian prince?

The name Sabharwal is associated with Indian royalty.

What does the yellow circle mean on the australian flag?

It means that it's the center of the flag...

How many lines are in the circle of Indian flag?

24, to represent the hours in a day.

Can you find any pair of parallel lines on a Japanese flag?

No because it is just a circle.

What does the circle in the middle of the Indian flag mean?

it is called Dharma Chakra (which means the wheel of law) the 24 lines coming out of the center of the circle represent the 24 hours in a day (At the the end of each line is a dark blue half-moon)

What does the white lines on the greek flag represent?

it means the purity of the country

What is the yellow circle on the aboriginal flag and the black and red bits called?

red means earth and the black means the aboringnals and the yellow circle is the sun

What is cool about Japan?

Japan means land of the rising sun and that the Japanese flag (the red circle in the middle of the flag) is the sun.

What do the Japanese call their national flag?

The national flag of Japan is called the "Nisshōki" in Japanese, which translates to "sun-mark flag" or "sun disc flag." It is commonly known as the "Hinomaru," which means "circle of the sun." The design of the flag features a red circle on a white background, representing the rising sun.