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Q: What percent of Africa was controlled by the other European countries?
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What countries controlled land on which continent?

European countries controlled territory in all continents through colonization and imperialism. For example, the UK controlled territory in Africa, Asia, and the Americas; France had colonies in Africa and Southeast Asia; and Spain had colonies in South America.

Who controlled Africa before World War 1?

Countries that controlled these were all European countries. Some of these are France, Britian, Portugal, Germany, Belgum, Spain and Italy. There were also a few independent countries.

Which 2 European countries controlled most of Africa South of the Sahara in 1914?

France and Britain

What percentage of Africa was controlled by two countries with the most territory?

The percentage of Africa that was controlled by the two countries with the most territory is 68%

How many European countries held land in Africa in 1914?

Seven European countries held land in Africa in 1914.

Which European country controlled the most territory in Africa after the sceamble for Africa?

Great Britain.

What were the two independent countries in Africa during European Colonization?

The countries that were independent durning the European Colonization in Africa was Liberia and Ethiopia

Why do so many countries in Africa speak European languages?

Due to the colonisation of African countries, mostly occurring in the nineteenth century (called the European Scramble for Africa)The three most powerful and successful colonisers were Portugal (Mozambique), France (Mauritius, Northeast Africa) and the United Kingdom (Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa).Because some African countries were once/some still are ruled/colonized by European countries.

Which two European countries controlled most of Africa from 1885-1914?

Britain and France apex:)

What present day countries in Africa were controlled by the portuguese?


By 1913 all of Africa except which of these countries was controlled by other countries?

Liberia and Ethiopia

Africa's west coast was mainly controlled by which European Empire?

probably it was france.