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The Vietnam War impacted the culture in the US. Defiance!

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2008-10-11 09:01:26
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Q: What was the impact of the counter culture of the 1960s on the Vietnam War?
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What did the baby boom lead to?

The counter culture or "hippie" movement of the late 1960s

What major war happend in the 1960s?

Vietnam happened and changed American culture.

What 1960s counter-culture icon was the bad guy in Speed Blue Velvet and the first season of 24?

dennis hopper

Discuss the counterculture of the 1960s?

In the 1960's, the United States became involved in the Vietnam war. Many Americans did not agree with the war, and the counter culture became one of war protests, music opposing war, and the flower child and hippie era.

Why did the hippie movement start?

The hippie movement started in the 1960s. This is was part of the larger counter-culture movement that had become popular at the time.

What was the impact of the counter culture of the 1960s on student unrest?

The drafting of college students was the reason for the counter culture and student unrest during the 1960's. ROTC buildings were routinely targeted and burned on college campuses thru-out the nation. ROTC programs were largely cancelled during the 1970's to avoid rioting. Only recently have ROTC programs been re-vitalized on College campuses in the United States. The Vietnam War had to be fought by draftees. The mobilizing of military reserves could be construed as a act of war, or an escalation of the cold war if they had been activated.

What effect does the Vietnam war have on morrie's department at brandeis university during the 1960s?

The effect that the Vietnam war had on Morrie's department at Brandeis university during the 1960s was the Vietnam Protest.

What war went on in the 1960s?

the conflict in Vietnam

What were the counter cultures of the 1960s?

I don't really know all of them, but the biggest counter-culture (and most dominant) was the hippie movement. The hippie movement encouraged love and anti-war sentiments and was often related to drugs. Obviously, at the time, it went against mainstream ideas - therefore creating the counter-culture. But yeah, that's one of them.

What impact did Dr Strangelove have on American culture during the 1960s?

anti nuke movement anti Peter Sellers as funny movement (just kidding)

Which county endured a war during the 1960s?


What war took place in 1960s?

the Vietnam War

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