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Invader Zim was set in the future , or an alternate future , because some of the inventions of Professor Membrane have not been invented in our present day and time .

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Invader Zim debuted March 30, 2001 .

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Q: When was invader zim created?
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How did invader zim start?

Invader Zim was first created by Jhonen Vasquez .

Were was invader zim created?


Who created invader zim?

Johnen Vasquez

Who is zim?

Zim from the cartoon series 'Invader Zim' is an alien invader from Irken .

What planet was invader Zim from?

Invader Zim was from the planet Irk .

When was Gir created?

Probably the same time Invader Zim was.

Is invader zim a classic nicktoon?

Yes , Invader Zim is a classical cartoon .

Who wrote the Invader zim tv show?

Jhonen Vasquez wrote Invader Zim.

Who created the show invader zim?

The creator of the show is Jhonen Vasquez.

Is invader zim a boy or a girl?

Invader Zim is a male Irken. It's that pink shirt he always wears, it looks like a dress.

Is invader zim evil?

yes. you probabbly haven't ever watched invader zim if you do not know that.

Is invader zim funny?

Yes , Invader Zim is very amusing if you like dark humour .