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I have the same question. Has anyone in the Celica community ever removed these before? I've searched high and low and have not found any help...

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โˆ™ 2008-04-19 19:38:35
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Q: How do you remove the hatch struts on a 2000 Toyota Celica?
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How do you remove a from a jeep Cherokee a rear hatch panel while the door is stuck shut?

It will yank off, you have to be aggressive with it, mine didn't break, but it is really not wanting to come off if the hatch is froze shut...

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo-The trunk won't open any more How can I fix it?

I too just had this problem. Last weekend i replaced the Trunk Struts, i ordered them offline and replaced them myself. I have no mechanic experience and it was a pretty easy fix. The struts coasted roughly 20 dollars a piece, you need 2. The hardest part of the new installation was undoing the screws. If your problem is a latch that won't open the rear hatch, I had to remove the interior panel and readjust the linkage from the handle to the latch at the bottom of the door. It is a press fit that can be snapped apart & then tightened up with minimal tools.

How do you change the bulbs to turn signal of a jeep Cherokee?

open hatch. remove the screws and pull tail lamp straight back. for the back turn signals. the front remove screws and pull forward.

How can you open the hatch on 2001 Jeep Cherokee because it won't open with a remote and doesn't take a key?

On the inside dress panel left side you will see a small square removeable panel. Push on the top release button and remove panel. Reach through the insulation and there is a lever, push DOWN on it to UNLOCK hatch from outside open hatch

Who is boosie baby mommas?

Lil Boosie does not have a baby mama; he is married to Walnita Decuir-Hatch. The couple has three children: Torrence Hatch, Jr., Ivyana Hatch, and Tarlaysia Hatch.

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How many struts does a 2003 Toyota Highlander have?

There are four suspension struts, one for each wheel, and two rear window hatch support struts.

Need help were to buy rear hatch struts for 2000 celica?

Try Autozone...Pep Boys.....but if there are no aftermarket manufacturers then you will have to go to a dealer unless you want to chance a salvage yard or trying Ebay.

What could cause water to leak inside the trunk of a 1991 Chevy Camaro?

Rear hatch leaking on 3rd gen Camaro,Z28-IRoc-z/Trans Am/Firebird-GTA The seal between the window and the hatch is worn. Any glass shop will reseal do yourself buy a glass sealer or tar. remove inner hatch cover, there are I believe 4 bolts holding the window to the hatch. remove them. Have a large 4by4 holding up the hatch. Remove the hatch struts. Clean off old sealer under window an hatch. Reseal the hatch/window. Put the struts back and retighten all the bolts snug not too tight. I have had the same problem. This will fix ur water leak problem..

How do you change the brake light on a 2002 Toyota Celica?

You have to pop the panels off inside of your hatch, right on the other side of the tail lights, you should be able to see the back of the tail light from there.

What are the wires for on rear hatch struts on 1997 Chevy astro van?

what are the wires for on the rear hatch door hydraulic pumps

How do you remove Plymouth Voyager Hatch Lift struts?

The late 90s style you remove the metal clip and then pry off the strut. Be careful because the lift gate is heavy and will hurt you if it drops down. Do one side at a time. Make sure the metal clips are in place when you go to install the new struts.

How do you replace Honda CR-V rear window struts?

Open and prop up the rear hatch glass to ensure it won't drop down during the procedure. Detach the support struts at the rear hatch glass. Then detach the support struts where they attach to the body. Install the new struts in the reverse order, MAKING CERTAIN NOT TO OVER-TIGHTEN the strut where it attaches to the window glass.

How do you change out the lift hatch brackets on a 97 Honda CR-V?

Are you asking about the hinged brackets, or the lift struts? EITHER WAY - open the glass hatch and securely prop it up so that it cannot fall. Lifting up the hatch will clearly reveal the hardware that the glass attaches to (or supports it). Remove the appropriate nuts/bolts/screws and replace.

How do you change the struts on a 1998 Chevy Venture?

Open the hatch/hood and support it. Look at the ends of struts and you will see some clips. Pry them open or off with a screw driver and then you will see a bolt that is threaded into the body. Use a socket and remove the bolt from both ends. Just make sure you support the hood/hatch........ONE STRUT WILL NOT Support it. Go to Autozone or Pep Boys to get a replacement, the dealer will cost you a small fortune.

How do you change the passenger side wingmirror on your Renault espace rt x 1998?

The fixing bolts are accessible from the chamber above the front suspension struts that the pollen fildrers are located in. Open the bonnet, look for a "hatch" in the scuttle-wall covered by some sound insulation. Remove this hatch and find fixing - and filters- inside.

How do you remove the taillight assembly on the rear hatch so that you can replace the stoplight and backup light bulbs?

Open hatch and remove strap and handle. Remove rear panel attached to hatch by popping off of hatch. Be careful because the clips are not strong. Use bulb 921 @ 18W.

Why back hatch on Toyota sequoia won't open?

where is the botton to open back door on 2003 toyota sequoia

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