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Yes, nuff said.i agree.=D

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No they are both straight

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Q: Is harry and Louis are gays?
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What are Louis and Harry's middle names?

Harry's is Edward and Louis is Willam

When was Harry Louis Moffatt born?

Harry Louis Moffatt was born in 1839.

When did Harry Louis Moffatt die?

Harry Louis Moffatt died in 1913.

Did harry like Louis in one direction?

No Harry did not like Louis in the band

Why is Olive Styles close with Louis Tomlinson?

Olive is close with Harry, Harry and Louis are dating so why wouldn't Harry's cousin be close with Louis.

Who do One Direction love?

Harry loves Louis loves Harry loves Zayn loves Louis loves Niall love Liam loves Louis loves Zayn loves Niall loves Zayn loves Louis loves Liam loves Harry loves Niall love Louis Harry and Harry loves Louis

Is harry taller then Louis?

Yes :3 Harry is 5'10'' Louis is 5'9'' ~Kat

Who is hotter harry or Louis?

Harry and lous

Who does Louis from One Direction like?

Louis from one direction likes Harry Styles the most.Louis and Harry have a bro-mance and no they are not gay?Louis has a girlfriend!Louis tomlinson+Harry styles=Larry Stylinson

Who did Harry Styles loose his virginity to?

That old hag, Caroline Flack. :P

What is Louis Tomlinsons nickname for Harry Styles?

Harry Styles nickname for Louis is 'Pumpkin'.

What are one direction bromance name?

Lilo - Louis and Liam Niam - Niall and Liam Lirry - Harry and Liam Ziam - Louis and Zayn Nouis - Niall and Louis Larry Stylinson - Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson Zouis - Zayn and Louis Narry - Niall and Harry Zarry - Zayn and Harry Ziall - Zayn and Niall