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If it is a RDS system, then you will need to connect the blue wire to the remote wire on the amplifier.

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Q: On the factory radio wire harness of a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero what color do you connect to the remote wire of your amplifier?
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ZX2 Factory Radio Has No Sound But Power?

If your are using a wire kit, you need to connect the blue and/or blue/white wire from the harness to the blue/white wire from your radio. Now if you have cut your wires you will have to locate the one wire that will turn on your factory amp.Good Luck!!!!

A wiring diagram for 1996 dodge 1500 radio and speakers?

go to wal-mart they have a harness that plugs into the factory harness and wires to radio

How do you install aftermarket radio on 1990 corvette?

well if it is the Bose speakers which have an amplifier and it probably is than you need to buy not only the wiring harness but a 40$ cord from circuitcity they know what one and get the 17ft long one plug that into your radio and run the cord back to the amplifier which i still have not had time to look for i just found this out today because i am installing a aftermarket radio myself

What is the wiring codes for the factory radio with casette player to figure out which wire is positive ground left speaker etc on a 95 Grand Marquis?

If there is one available for this car model, buy a connection harness. ( Autozone has them, maybe checker auto would have them also. I don't know if pepboys have it.) They are a great help. They plug onto the cars connection plug and the wires are marked on the harness. HINT: On factory speakers, the positive wire is almost always the wire closest to the clip on the wire connectors.

How do you remove a factory radio from a 1995 Honda Odyssey?

A 1995 Honda Odyssey factory radio stays in place with several mounting screws which are located underneath many panels which need to be removed. When the mounting screws taken off remove the head units mounting bolts which now will be visible. Slide the radio out and remove the stock wire harness.

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When installing a new radio in a 1989 Dodge Caravan winfinity factory radio how do you integrate it with factory amp or bypass the amp?

if you are using an aftermarket wiring harness hook up the remote turn on wire on the new radio it should be blue with a white stripe to the harness also has a blue and white stripe and plug it in this wire turns on the factory amplifier if you are not using a harness you will have to locate the internal amplifier wire of the radio and connect that to the remote turn on on the aftermarket radio = answer = the inernal apm power wire is white on the black wire harness ANSWER if you dont want to use the factory amp. just run new speaker wires to each speaker.

How do you bypass the factory amplifier on a 2001 suburban and where is the amp located?

I'm not sure how to bypass the amplifier, but it is located behind the glove box. There are two harnesses that connect it to the radio. The bottom harness is removed by squeezing the ears and pulling off. The upper harness' release is on the rear facing side and is more difficult to operate. I used a small box-end wrench to take off the mounting bracket, then you can pull the amplifier out and turn it to see the clip.

Where is the factory Bose amplifier On Off lead in a 2002 Oldsmobile aurora?

The on/off lead is a light pink on the first harness on the Bose amplifier (bigger clip). Keep in mind this is the 8 speaker premium sound package but im sure the 6 speaker package is also the same. The amplifier is located on the back wall in the trunk on the left side, just remove the plastic cover!

Do you get a small amplifier that you can install in a car door and connect on the speaker line that comes from the radio?

No. You buy a waring harness and connect it to the car wiring and the amp to the speakers there behind the radio.

What color is th remote amplifier turn on wire in a factory Pontiac grand am gt monsoon harness?

it should be the blue and white wire

Radio wiring diagram 2007 Chevy silverado?

Here is the info in your vehicle: Radio 12v red/white + radio harness Radio Ground black - radio harness Radio Ignition (GMLAN Serial Data) Radio Illumination yellow (dimmer) + radio harness Factory Amp Turn-on same as power antenna wire Power Antenna white + radio harness LF Speaker +/- tan - gray +,- radio harness or amplifier Notes: If equipped, the amplifier is under the rear of the center console. At the amplifier, the left subwoofer wires are dk. blue/white (+) - lt. green/black (-). The right subwoofer wires are dk. green (+) - lt. blue/black (-). RF Speaker +/- lt. green - dk. green +,- radio harness or amplifier LR Speaker +/- brown - yellow +,- radio harness or amplifier RR Speaker +/- dk. blue - lt. blue +,- radio harness or amplifier

Where is the radio harness that you can hook your aftermarket radio into?

Usually when you get the radio the place you bought it will have a wiring harness that will fit the car. If not then go to a radio installation shop and ask for one. This will then plug right into the factory car harness and then you connect the radio to this harness. That's it. Good luck.

What does the pink wire in the wiring harness connect too?

the harness

Why does after market radio have no sound after installation on 2000 grand prix?

do you by chance have the factory BOSE system? if so it could be that you did not wire up the Bose amplifier i believe its the pink wire comming off the small harness that does not get plugged into the aftermarket harness Adam

Does the 2004 dodge durango have a plug in under the dash for the factory trailer wiring harness?

The factory wiring harness for the trailers will plug in under the back of the vehicle in the area of the spare tire, the harness plugs into the wiring harness for the tail lights.

How to hook up a after market CD player to factory specker wires?

Easy way is to go to best buy get you a wiring harness that plugs into your factory harness.

Replaced stock stereo in 01 Civic EX and now factory keyless entry do not work How to fix?

Go to and they will walk you through it. You need an adapter for a non-Honda radioAnswerPagan Audio (on Ebay) as well as AUTOTOYS on the internet sell "Metra" wiring harness for around $10 ~ $15 That will match your factory harness so you won't have to cut and spice and also have a secondary plug which will plug into the car's factory plug and allow you to retain factory alarm/keyless entry and dome light. AnswerThe harness Pagan Car Audio (Ebay) does not work for a 98. The pigtail harness they sell has a "male" connector and so does the factory keyless entry/alarm harness from the car. You must cut the ground, 12V continuous (yellow) and the ignition (red) wires from both harnesses and connect them for there harness to work, a pain. AnswerI had to keep my stock radio harness in the dash when i replaced mine. The keyless entry sensor is located in the harness.

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