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1. Turn the ignition key to On or Accessory. Pull up the emergency brake.

2. Press Source or Power to turn the Pioneer car stereo off.

3. Press the Clock button to display the time.

4.Press and hold the Function or Audio button for 3-4 seconds. The display will come on, and the hour should flash.

5. Use the Up or Down buttons to change the hour setting on the stereo.

6. Press the Left or Right keys to get to the minutes. When the minutes start to flash, press the Up or Down keys to set the clock to the correct minutes.

7. Press the Function or Audio button again to exit.

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Put your key in ignition and turn it to the point when the radio is switched on.

If the radio is on turn it off.

While the radio is off and the ignition is on to power the radio, press and hold the button where it says clock, while holding this button turn the radio on with the on off switch.

You will see the time blinking. First Minutes - Set by up and down buttons (first two on top) than press clock again to go into hour, do the same to set the hour.

After you adjusted your time turn the radio into off position and that is all folks! :)

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Push and hold the “clock” button until it beeps. Then use the tuner button to change the time. (Up to change the hour and down to change the minutes.)

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Q: Set clock on Mazda tribute radio?
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Is a radio controlled alarm clock the same as a radio alarm clock?

No.A "radio alarm clock" is a radio ... which you can use to lull yourself to sleep ... that has abuilt-in alarm, which you can set to wake you in the morning, either by turning the radioback on, or by blasting you awake with an annoying buzz that will ruin your whole day.A so-called "radio controlled" alarm clock ... sometimes advertised as an "atomic" clock ... isa clock that actually has a radio receiver built into it, which receives the NIST standard timesignals from Fort Collins, Colorado, and automatically keeps itself set to precisely exactlythe correct time.

How do you set time on iPhone Ipod FM clock Radio?

by hitting brick on its screen

How do you set your radio time on a poniac grand am 2003?

If you have the stock radio in you Grand Am, you will have to get really close to the radio to find the clock is not colored, it is just slightly raised. It is very hard to find, tho. I don't remember just how to set it, but I do remember that it is much easier once you find that hidden clock symbol.

How to Set clock on 2000 dodge neon factory radio?

When you look at the radio to the right there are 2 small black rubber looking dots. Take a pin and use the tip to press in and you will then be able to adjust the clock. If you don't look at the clock closely you really don't notice them.

How do you set time on a delco radio?

Hold the button RCL and change the time by pressing up and down on the tune buttons if your car radio doesnt have the RCL buttun use the buttone that changes the view from clock to radio station.

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How do you set the clock on a 1999 Mazda B3000?

Hold the clock button in the use the the radio seek button to increase or decreas the time.

Is there anything you need to do after you change the battery in a Chrysler new yorker?

Set the clock and radio presets.Set the clock and radio presets.

How do you set the clock in a 2002 Chevy Siverado?

turn radio off n use radio knobs to set the clock

How do you set alarm on Timex T434S clock radio alarm clock?

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How do you reset clock radio and etc after changing the battery on a 2003 Mazda Tribute?

Turn on the radio power then press and hold the clock button until the clock time starts flashing. Then use the tuner up/down selection to change the hours and minutes. The "up" arrow changes the hours and the "down" arrow will change the minutes. Just scroll through each until you set the right time then Wait a few seconds until the flashing stops your time is now set. To re set your favorite radio stations just tune in the desired stations then hold your number selection to lock in that station.

How do you set the alarm on a Timex T434S clock radio?

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How do you set your clock on a Pioneer DEH-1900MP stereo system?

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How do you set the clock on a 1989 Corvette?

To set the clock on a 1989 Corvette the radio must be turned off. After turning the radio off hit the set button and then hit scan. The time can be set using the arrow buttons.

How set clock 1996 Saturn radio?

*Turn off the radio press the 'set time' button while pressing the radio station buttons to set the time..

How do you set the time on this forester?

Which Forester, and which time? Are you talking about a clock or engine timing? Is the clock stand-alone or on a radio? Is it the factory radio? --Ken

How do you set clock on 2008 ultra classic radio?

With the key on, turn the radio off and you will see the display on how to set the hours and minutes.

How do you set the clock on addzest adx 5455 car radio?

To set the clock on Addzest ADX 5455 car radio, locate the "band" button. Pressing this button will bring up the clock setting display function. Using the indicated keys set the time as needed.