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the string familly next to violins violas and cellos

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Q: What family is the harp in?
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What family does the harp come from?

The harp comes from the string family of instruments, which are also called chordophones.

What has the author Gwendolyn Harp Binns written?

Gwendolyn Harp Binns has written: 'Sidener/Harp family'

What family does the harp belong?


What family does the harp belong to?


Why is the harp in the string family?

it has strings....

Why does the harp belong to the string family?

The harp belongs to the strings family because it has similar parts to other string instruments.

To which section of the orchestra does the harp belong?

The harp is a solo string instrument, BUT it belongs to the percussion family in the orchestra, as it is used mostly for special effects.

What orchestra does the harp come from and why is it in that family?

it belongs in the my mum family babee :)

What family is the Jews harp in?

The Jew's harp, also known as a mouth harp, belongs to the family of musical instruments called the plucked idiophones. These are also known as lamellophones. In the Hornbostel-Sachs classification system for musical instruments, this mouth harp belongs to category 12.

What is the oldest member of the string family?

The oldest member of the string family is the harp.

What instrument family does the harp belong to?

The harp is a unique member of the stringed instrument family. Like other members of the string family, the harp's sound is produced by vibrating strings stretched between parts of a wooden frame or box. On a harp, the strings' vibrations are produced by being plucked by hand, while seven pedals at the bottom of the harp adjust the length of the strings to produce more notes.

Why is a Jews harp in the strings family?

It's made with strings.

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