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Q: What is the Radio code for a clarion Peugeot 306 1998?
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How do you unlock radio code on Peugeot 406?

hello, i need help. I need a code for the radio, it's a Peugot 406 and a radio Clarion model PU2294A (C) CL0401Z0557642

How do you input radio code peugeot bipper bosch?

Radio code Peugeot bipper

How to install clarion stereo into peugeot 307 how do you put in the vin code into the stereo?

Look at It's not a DIYj ob

What are Clarion CD error codes?

questionplease send me code Peugeot 306 .9 diesel car Model no clarion cdc634 digital audio / 6 disc CD changerplease send me this CD player code thank youAnswerplease send me code Peugeot 306 .9 diesel car Model no clarion cdc634 digital audio / 6 disc CD changerplease send me this CD player code thank youmy email

Peugeot 406 radio code?

My car radio requires the code, can u help, puegeot 406 My email is

What is the radio code for a Peugeot 806 with a RB1 radio?

That depends on your vehicle serial number. Using that number, your resaler should be able to tell you the radio code.

Fitting a radio in peugeot 306 put in code code ok after switching ignition of you have to re enter code what is the problem?

the radio has message error 6

How do you find a code for a radio on a 1998 Volkswagen Jetta GL?

the radio code is on the back of the radio. take the radio out and you can see it.

How do you remove peugeot 406 1998 radio err code?

Switch the radio on and go for a run or a shopping trip. After several minutes the message 'err code' will switch to 'code'. enter the code via the left and right arrows (the numbers will be displayed on the radio) after each correct number display press the '1' on the radio to move to the next number. When all 4 numbers are set it will automatically start the radio.

How to unlock the radio code 1998 infiniti I30?

How do I unlock my 1998 I 30 radio reset

How do you get your Acura TL 98 radio code?

I have a 1998 3.2TL. The code for the radio is on the bottom of the ashtray.

How do you input radio code on Peugeot partner van?

I have a 51 plate Peugeot Partner van with a standard radio. The radio code should be a 4 digit code with each number having the value of 6 or less. The code is entered using just the 1-6 radio channel numbers, and that's it no need to press any other buttons the radio should just spring into life!Good luckTommo

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