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Hey bud, With all different circuits being effected as they are , you have a earthing fault. Check your earth between body and - batt and to engine also.

Try looking into the Transmission Range Sensor. I had the problem of my radio cutting out when I went into reverse. Then, it also went out when I braked and sometimes when I turned corners. Then it went out all together. At about the time this happened, my fasten seat belt light started flickering. The real concerning part for me was that my Power Steering has become unreliable too. Other things that have gone wrong all at this same time are my window wipers and my power windows. I've been looking for help on this site and found these two questions (adresses pasted below) and think it might be the same thing, although I haven't had the chance to try this and see if it fixes it. would a %2796 Taurus lose power steering and radio the power steering gets stiff and the power windows and stereo will not work when my 1997 Taurus is in gear

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Q: Why would your dash lights flicker and your radio turn off when you push the brakes?
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What makes your interior lights flicker on 1997 jeep grand Cherokee?

I would say 1 of your door switches are bad or your door doesn close all the way.

Why would the interior lights flicker on a 1995 Mitsubishi montero while driving?

Sometimes when cornering, the overhead lights will flicker on in that model car. This is due to a flaw in the switch mechanism design, which holds the relay connection slightly apart from the bulb (when they touch the light is energized and turns on). When the car turns the centrifugal force will bring these two points together and the light turns on. To fix this, remove the plastic dome and switch cover and look for a tightening screw. If there is not a screw, you may be out of luck. If there is, tightening it should prevent this random flicker.

What would cause interior lights in my jeep to flicker?

Fuse connections. The connectors for the dome light in the fuse panel get loose, you can try and bend them back with a small screwdriver to make the connection again.

What would cause the headlights radio and dome lights to quit when headlights are turned on in a 1996 crown vic?

I would replace the headlight switch as Ford has had their share of these problems.

How can you fix your lights on your radio display on a 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo none of them work and it is not the fuse?

Not enough info... If the lights are dim, there is an illumination wire that dims the lights when the headlights come on at night... could be a bad switch. If your lights are totally gone... so is your radio. It is a sealed unit not meant to be serviced. Even if you could find someone to repair it, by the time you were done, it would be cheaper to buy an aftermarket or an original factory Delco from eBay.

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What would case the dashboard lights to flicker the radio to turn off and on and to hear a clicking?

check the dash board ground may be loose

Why would your lights flicker in your s10 ZR2 pickup?

The alternator is on its way out.

Why would FM stations not come in and the dash lights flicker on a 1992 Cadillac Seville?

most likely the harness on the side of the radio, drivers side, has chafed through, pull radio and tape over the wires attached to the side of the radio.

What would make all the lights on your dash flicker?

Might be a weak battery

When the battery was replaced in an 01 cavalier the dash lights would turn off when the car is in moving and flicker when someone brakes what could cause that?

you may have already checked, but to me it sounds like you have a loose connection at the battery

What would cause lights to flicker or pulsate on 98 Tahoe and yukons?

bad or failing alternator

Why would the tail lights work on a 1990 Camry but the brakes lights will not even after you replaced the bulbs and the fuse to the brakes?

Check the switch at the brake pedal .

What does it mean when the dash lights flicker in my Lexus?

On my Lexus I had an issue with the lights staying off when it was cold. This was the case for all of my dashboard lights. Then they would flicker back on. There are Caps on the board for the instrument panel that were blown. This was the case for my fuel cage that didn't work consistently work as well

What would cause the lights to flicker when running on a 1986 celebrity?

If all of the lights flicker I would check for a loose or corroded ground. If only 1 light flickers then check to see if the bulb is properly plugged in to its socket, or if there is dirt, corrosion or rust causing a poor connection.

Why would the inside lights on only one side of a house flicker?

Most probably, a loose wiring connection.

Why would a fan blow out after running backwards and the lights flicker when they are the only thing on?

bad wire connections inside the fan

Why do all lights inside out flicker on 2001oldsaurora?

Had that problem when still under warranty on my 02 when all lights would momentarily flicker, including the head lights, and the dealer replaced my alternator. There was a service bulletin put out on that problem. Also just recently, my lights would dim and I found a broken ground wire on the left front side on my engine block after checking all ground connections. Good luck.

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