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RMS stands for root mean squared, and is an easier way to refer to AC voltage. To calculate Vrms, you just take your peak voltage and divide by the square root of 2. Thus, we get the equation Vp/(2^1/2). For power and amperage the calculation is a bit more complicated, but it's very easy for voltage. Therefore your answers, assuming that your given voltages are the peak voltages of the sinusoid, will be 311.12v, 155.56v and 77.78v respectively. If you want to go from the RMS value to the peak value, simply multiply by the square root of two.

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To calculate the RMS (Root Mean Square) of a set of values, you first square each value, calculate the mean of the squared values, and then take the square root of that mean. For the given values (440V, 220V, 110V), you would first square each value (440^2, 220^2, 110^2), then find the mean of these squared values [(440^2 + 220^2 + 110^2) / 3], and finally take the square root of that mean.

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Q: How do you calculate the RMS of 440volts 220 volts 110 volts?
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