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You can solder them after using a western splice connection. You can use a mechanical butt splice and you can connect the wires together with a wire nut after twisting the wires together. All you have to remember is that the insulation of the splice has to be equal to the wire insulation or greater.

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Q: How to connect two wires together?
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What will happen if you connect two 110 volt wires together and connect it to a 220 volt motor?

On a three wire supply system if you connect the two 110V wires together and they are across the phase they will short out and trip the breaker. If the two 110V wires are supplied from across the phase and connected to a motor then the motor will run. If the 110V wires are on the same phase nothing will happen.

How do you make an electric parallel circuit?

Take two electrical devices that require the same voltage potential. Connect the two hot wires together. Connect the two neutral wires together. Apply the required voltage to the two tied together ends. Now these two electrical devices are operating in parallel.

How do you connect two wires?

There are dozens of methods and products available to "connect two wires" Do you have specific application?

What is a circit?

it is a a thing that you use with a battery and for wires and connect them together

Can you connect copper wires to tin coated copper wires?

Yes. You can twist them together and wire nut them, or solder them together.

What are the two conductors that connect 3 way switches together called?

The two wires that travel between two three way switches are called travelers.

How do you connect two toy cars together I have two toy cars and I want them to be connected together by wires so I can only use one controller?

Use a parallel connection to control the two cars.

What if the light fixture has two copper house wires?

If you mean 2 bare copper wires those are the ground wires. Tie them together and then connect the light fixture ground wire which will be green or bare copper to those ground wires.

How to wire a switch?

Connect all white wires together under a wire nut and push them back into the box. Connect all ground wires together and then connect them with a jumper wire to the ground screw on the switch. Connect black power in and power out, if applicable, wires to the bottom screw on the switch. Connect the remaining black wire going to the light to the top screw on the switch.

How do you connect your radio to a twelve volt battery?

connect the power and acc wires together and put them on the positive and the ground to the negative

What happens when you connect black and black wires together when white and white are already together and not being used?

This sounds like a typical light switch connection that turns on an overhead light fixture. There are two pairs of wires in from the supply voltage and two pairs of wires out to the light fixture. The two white wires are connected together in the back of the box. These are the neutrals from the supply to the light fixture. The two black wires are the ones that get attached to the switch. Incoming "hot" to the top terminal of the switch and the outgoing black to the bottom terminal of the switch. If you just touch the two wires together as you explain in your question then the light fixture should come on.

How do you wire around the neutral safety switch?

Disconnectr the wires from the switch and connect them together

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