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Proper pasteurization is adequate to reduce pathogens to safe levels. Sterilization is much more expensive and uses specific processes to maintain the palatability and nutrition of the milk.

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Q: Why is milk subjected to pasteurization rather than sterilization?
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Why does pasteurized milk eventually spoil?

Because pasteurization is not sterilization. The microorganisms in pasteurized milk are reduced in number, not eliminated.

Why does milk still ferment even though it is pasteurized?

Pasteurization doesn't remove all of the bacteria in it. Only sterilization will. Pasteurization will slow down the fermentation process for a while.

Who discovered the process to keep milk from going sour and the first vaccine for rabies?

The famous scientist Luis Pasteur discovered the above method and vaccine. This method of milk sterilization is called as pasteurization.

What does pasteurization do to milk?

kills bacteria

Will pasteurization destroy milk protens?


What are the differences between pasteurization and sterilization?

Sterilization is used for preventing the spoilage of food. Food is sterilized by exposing it to light temperature of 120 C to 126 C under pressure for 12-90min. Food and other thing are made free from disease causing organism for example bacteria through this process. Milk is pasteurized by heating it at 71 C fir 15sec or at 62 C for 32min. By this pasteurization process the bacteria are killed and the taste of milk is not affected.

What has the author Clarence Joseph Babcock written?

Clarence Joseph Babcock has written: 'The pasteurization of milk' -- subject(s): Milk, Pasteurization

What is the process that kills bacteria in milk?


What kill bacteria in milk and cheese?

Pasteurization .

How is milk cleaned?

Heat sterilized by Pasteurization.

When did pasteurization of milk begin in the US?


When did pasteurization of milk begin?

Pasteurisation of milk was discovered by Louis Pasteur.

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