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Many countries have green, white, and red in their flags. If the flag is plain with no other markings it could be Italy. If it has other markings on it it could be Mexico or Iran.

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Q: On the flag are there more red strips than white?
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On the american flag are there more white or red stripes?

There are 7 red strips and 6 white strips On the American flag. Their a symbol of the thirteen colonies of the US.

What does the Georgia colonial flag look like?

The flag should look similar to the American flag, but on the top left corner, there should be a symbol that has 13 stars encircling what looks like a golden trophy the says "Constitution" on the top. The strips are the colors red and white, but it's less strips than the American flag. It's just two red strips and one white. Hope this helps.

Which are there more of on the American flag red or white colors?

There is more red stripes on the flag than there is white * White-6 stripes * red-7 stripes

On the American flag why are there more red stripes than white?

there are more red stripes.ype your answer here...

Are there more red stars on the American flag than white stars?

yes, 7 red and 6 white

What color is the Serbian flag?

There are more than one flag but the colours for the most used Serbian flag is Red, Blue and white. Red meansDanyisim, sacrifice fighrt/war. Blue means: nature, sky, land and water. White means freedom

Can you buy a flag that flew over the white house?

yes - you need to contact your senator

What are the colors of Finland flag?

Finland's national flag is white and blue, but the military flag (shown above) also contains a crowned lion on a red field, the right forepaw replaced with an armoured hand brandishing a sword, trampling on a saber with the hindpaws. This flag naturally contains more colors than just blue and white.

What colour is the England flag?

The English flag is white with a red cross across it. Note that the English flag is different than the Union Jack, which is red, white, and blue.

What flag has more than 4 sides?

The Ohio flag

What are the colours of the Zimbabwean flag?

what colors are in the flag of Zambabwe? green, yellow, red, and back with a white triangle with a star and what looks like a dog on the box, on the side

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