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The load of a bridge is the amount of weight that can be distributed throughout the bridge without collapsing. Engineers take into effect, wind, rain, and earthquakes when calculating the load.

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Q: What is the load of a bridge?
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What is a live load bridge?

a live load bridge is a truck or a weight that after the bridge is made then you put the weight on the bridge and see if it holds!

The load limit on a small bridge is 8 ton what is the load limit in pounds?

What are the basis of a bridge load limit?

Name and describe three types of loads that must be considered in bridge construction?

In bridge construction dead load, live load, and dynamic load must be considered. Dead load is the weight of the bridge itself. Live load is the moving weight on the bridge. Dynamic load comes from outside forces like wind and vibrations.

What is an Example of a dead load?

A dead load is the weight of the bridge or vehicle or building excluding the people or objects in it(An example is: If you were standing on a bridge all alone you would be the live load and the bridge itself would be the dead load)

What is the weight of people and cars on a bridge called?

Dynamic Load The "load" is the total force and weight that a structure such as a bridge is designed to withstand. For a bridge, the total load includes the "dynamic" loads of traffic, people, wind, snow, and ice and the "static" load of the bridge's own weight.

What is statical l oad?

A weight/load that does not move. For example, on a bridge, if there is a statue on the bridge, that would be considered a static load. A dynamic load is one that moves, such as cars passing over the bridge.

What is the load of the golden gate bridge?

the load is compression and tension

What environmental factors that affect a bridge?

the dead load, the live load, the dynamic load,gravitational,and erosion

Is the Oresund Bridge a suspension bridge?

The Oresund Bridge is a Cable-stayed bridge. The primary difference between a suspension bridge and a cable stayed bridge is the load bearing structure. In suspension bridges, this is the cable itself, which transfers the load into large structures set into the earth at the ends of the bridge. In the cable stayed bridge design, the load is taken primarily by the bridge towers. A more detailed explanation of the differences is available in the related link.

What is the dead load and a live load and a dynamic load of an arch bridge?

The dead load is the weight of the bridge itself. The live load is things like traffic, wind, rain, etc. The dynamic load are things like earthquakes, big gusts of wind, and other things.

What is a dead load on a bridge?

In engineering terms, dead load refers to the unchanging weight of a structure itself, plus any other load that may permanently be a part of the structure. On a bridge, for example, the main dead load would be the weight of bridge, and there would also be the weight of the abutments and perhaps a tollbooth.

What is live load in bridge design?

Trucks, etc.

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