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That is a great question, deserving a straightforward answer that can't be provided. The possibilities, while varied, and even unlimited as are most often one of these reasons: Ignorance, greed, prejudice, religious bias, or fear of knowledge.

Here are some examples of censorship and book burning:

  • Alexandria, Egypt
  • The conquest of the Inca Empire.
  • Nazi Germany.
  • 213 BC of the Philosophy of Qin Shi Huang.
  • 168 BC destruction of the Torah.
  • Ignorance and religious fervor by Christians at Ephesus on the Sorcery Scrolls.
  • Caliph Uthan's destruction of competitive texts of the Koran.
  • Papal destruction of competitive texts.
  • The Samanid library's destruction.
  • The Mongol destruction of Baghdad's House of Wisdom in 1258.
  • Torquemada's destruction of Arabic, Jewish, and non-Catholic literature in 1480.
  • Savonarola's Bonfire of the Vanities.
  • The burning of Luther's biblical translations by order of the Pope in 1624.
  • The Oxford University cleansing of Literature by Hobbes in 1683.
  • The Robespierre Library burnings.
  • The Comic Book burnings.
  • The black press was coerced and if that failed it was burned.
  • Burning of Playboy, Penthouse, and National Geographic Magazines.
  • Limitations proposed regarding the internet.
  • The Jaffna Library destructionin 1981.
  • The Sarajevo Library in 1992.
  • The American destruction of the Baghdad library in 2003.

Many governments or groups burn books to eliminate opposiition to their political position. Many people burn books to eliminate opposition to their philosophical position. They burn for economic reasons. They burn for nationalistic reasons. They burn for reasons of religion. Sometimes it is the result of some form of uncontrolled warfare. Sometimes they just burn for no reason at all.

Many people who are afraid of certain kinds of knowledge (or Propaganda) will find some method to limit access to that information. Historians must make every effort to preserve and protect the World's History.

There are different ways to avoid destruction and censorship. Even people who are adamantly opposed to it are often in favor of labelling... like MPAA ratings for movies, or rating lyrics for CDs, or parental controls for the Internet or Television. This allows people who *want* to censor themselves or their children to avoid content that they find offensive without taking the content away from people who want it. This avoids the idea that one group has to impose their own morality on another group... as with book burning, or banning.

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America has the 1st Amendment - the right to free speech. Burning books in the US is banned under this rule of our constitution. because they fear that somonenwill act in result of reading the social commentary in the books , and because bruning books is a tradition that has been practiced since the invention of the printing press . and because only voilence can hurt somone one and words cannot....

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There are many reasons why people resort to burning books. People usually burn books if they want to make sure they get destroyed.

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Q: Why do people ban or burn certain books?
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