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Q: What religion is found mainly in china and surrounding countries?
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What are Taiwan surrounding countries?

China, japan, Korea, Philippines

How is the great wall a defensive symbol of china?

In China they used the wall for protection from surrounding countries.

What are the three natural boundaries surrounding china?

The three natural boundaries surrounding China are the Himalayas, South China Sea and Taklamakan desert. These are natural barriers that connect China to other countries.

What countries borders India to the northwest?

mainly pakistan. China to the North

Are pandas only found in China?

Giant pandas are found only in China. Red pandas are found in China and a few surrounding countries.

What countries does Iran export their oil to?

Surrounding countries as well as the most wealthy that pay for it such as China, the United States, and United Kingdom.

What countries do wild tigers live in?

Wild tigers are native to the countries of eastern and southern Asia. Mainly China and Bengal.

What countries does australia export iron ore to?

mainly parts of asia like china and stuff

How many other countries use Buddhism as their religion?

Almost all the south Asian countries follow Buddhism. In China also, it is the largest religion leaving the atheist.

What are the surrounding countries of japan?

Japan has no bordering countries since it is made of islands. The five closest countries to Japan are (in order) Russia, South Korea, North Korea, China, and Taiwan. North and South Korea, Russia and China.

Who is in the pacific rim?

The countries that are surrounding the Pacific rim are Japan, South Korea, china, Taiwan, and the United States.

What happened to the Buddha's teaching in India?

The Buddha's teachings spread around to China and other surrounding dynasties and countries.

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