What was the culture in 1969?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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In 1969 in the United States, there was not as much diversity as there is now, and some of the issues we have today were not issues in those days. The issues back then were mainly the Vietnam War. "women's lib," and drugs. Many women still stayed home and raised the children, while men worked and supported the family. Children were taught to obey their parents and to respect their elders.

The biggest problem in schools was an occassional fight, and they were rare. School shootings is not something that would even have been thought of. The liberal-conservative division was not as wide as it is today, nor were questions about religion or homosexuality. The "sexual revolution" was started, but sex before marriage and teen pregnancy was not as widespread as it is today, and neither was abortion. The hippie era was going on.

Computers were not yet used and prices were less than today - a lot less. For recreation, people went to movies, school ballgames, roller skating, Bowling, and visited with each other.

Dress was not that much different than today, except that girls were not allow ed to wear pants to school until 1971. Mini skirts were popular, and so were "poor boy" sweaters. Around the year 1969, very wide-legged pants and jeans with holes in them were considered to be okay. Boy's hair was worn long by most.

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Q: What was the culture in 1969?
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