Anarchy refers to a society without government.

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What countries are under anarchy?

Somalia is the best example of this, in the world today.


What is the definition of anarchy?

Anarchy simply means without ruler. It is a form of government without official rules and formal punishments for breaking them. It is a political theory with many schools of thought, ranging from Communist Anarchy, to fully Capitalist Anarchy, to Primitive Anarchy and everywhere in between.

Actually, anarchy (in terms of political science) means a complete lack of formal government. There may be a de facto form of governance occurring, but there is no actual legalgovernment framework. Thus, there are no laws of any sort, and all governance is informal, generally in the form of either complete consensus (as in either a communal or direct democracy style) or authoritarian (via a single or group strongman concept).


What is the suffix for anarchy?

-archy, meaning rule or leadership, as in monarchy, anarchy, etc.


What countries have an anarchy?

In terms of the definition, a state in anarchy is a state in which there is no recognized government ruling over the people and people self-organize and defend. There is currently NO region of the world in anarchy. The closest the world has to anarchy is the current situations in Somalia, Bir Tawil, and Antarctica.

Somalia comes close because the national government cannot extend its power to the entire territory, which has innumerable local warlords. However, the presence of these warlords serves to be a form of recognized government, which is why Somalia is more properly classified as a failed state (a state where the national government cannot compete with local warlords to the extent that the local warlords control more than the national government).

Bir Tawil comes close because both Egypt and Sudan reject the territory as not belonging to either of them and the territory is the only land on the six inhabited continents to have terra nullius status. However, as Bir Tawil has no settled population, it fails the requirement of having people in the territory to be an anarchy.

Antarctica has no permanent population and has its government arrangements taken care of by international treaties, so while there is no government over the people who are currently living in Antarctica, they are responsible to the signatory countries of the Antarctica countries. This means that there is a recognized authority.

History of the United States

Why did Americans believe that Sacco And Vanzetti were quality?

they had quality names...Anarchy in the u.k. bro!


What does the center cannot hold anarchy is the only hope mean?

A philosophical statement derived from the Poet William Butler Yeats and the musician Mick Jagger on their statements regarding anarchy.

Basically stating that centralized government cannot work in the end long run, and that the future will depend upon the formation of groups of like minded individuals.


What is the difference between anarchy and tyranny?

you can find it in laba laba land where the hoo hoo monkeys live... they will tell you!


Who has the power in anarchy?

No one, that's why it is called anarchy. It is survival of the fittest. There are no rulers, no laws, and everyone is on their own.


Do people consider anarchy a religion?

Anarchy is a sociopolitical view. A note on the previous answer: it is not simply a 'lack of order', but the belief that we can do away with organized government, bureaucracy and enforced laws and still function as a society of complete personal liberty.

No. Anarchy is complete lack of order and organisation. Moreover, it does not define any specific deity, has no set of morals that must be followed, does not require or exclude any other faith - in fact, doesn't fit even the broadest definition of religion at all.


Religion is a way of life in one's own convictions to explain natural/unnatural phenomenons that becomes a belief in a socio-cultural organisation as accepted norms to defend itself & deride the other groups with the objective of preservation, ironically universal in all faiths/convictions.The means become the practice in faith,cult in worship,or set moral disciplines in oral/recorded traditions.

Religion is not a singular conviction but multiple dutiesin the hierarchy of one's life and the society, towards oneself,the family,the society,to the nation,to the universe and the Supreme Creator.

Anarchy is a religion in convictions and a way of life but the means as practice is belief in a dis organised social structure in absolute liberty of the individual.


What would happen if a country had no government?

Somewhere along the throng of people confused as to what direction they are going to go, and the bickering settles, one person will be "nominated" to be a leader and his direction will make some sense to a few of the crowd, where the rest will eventually fall in agreement, making an autocracy. Until the next "Boston Tea Party"...

No Longer a CountryA country without a form of government is no longer a country. There is no one to represent the area and no one to coordinate what is happening in that area. There would be no government services of any type, no regulation, and no schools. Other countries would no longer wish to work with these people without a central authority to back them up.

The reality is that the surrounding countries would fill the vacuum and take over the area by offering services.

A Free Country

People don't need to be told to get up and go to work everyday, and to care for their children and to pay the rent. Businesses don't need a government to tell them to do business with other firms both foreign and domestic. The only thing a society needs is to have their civil liberties protected and their person secure so they are free to purse life, liberty and happiness. To those ends a government could provide a national defense and a court system to arbitrate an accusations of violations of civil liberties. But it doesn't have to be a federal government but rather a state and/or local government that is smaller and easier to administer.

Some libertarians say the government has 3 main jobs defense from outside forces, police to protect against inside forces and and courts to help in settling distutes. I say these things are so important that the market could do a better job. There does not have to be a final "Judge". If everything is privately owned this includes roads and waterways this would give more reasons for the owners to take carry of them. As long as ever is run by one group then there is no reason to improve services. We don't need rulers just more leaders. Anarchy, pure chaos and bigger problems


What does anarchy mean in the government?

government by no one or government by everyone, what's the difference?

Mitchel Musso

Why does Mitchel Musso wear the anarchy symbol?

because he is an anarchy guy


What countries are ruled by anarchy?

There are no current anarchist states although there anarchical regions within many countries. There are notable anarchist regions in Mexico, Greece, and the Israeli kibbutz and then there many small anarchist communities across the world. A past example of an anarchist state is Anarchist Catalonia. ANARCHY IS NOT CHAOS AND LAWLESSNESS. Anarchy is a political philosophy which fundamentally rejects hierarchy.


Does anarchy mean against God?

yes! Because Anarchy means total chaos and God represents peace and stability. I hope that answers your question. Not necessarily. Anarchy comes from Greek and means "no rulers". It refers to a society without hierarchy, not chaos. Depending on your religion and your interpretation of it anarchy can be good or bad. Leo Tolstoy was a famous Christian anarchist.' No, anarchy is what he said ^^^ means no rulers. Which in turn means government. But there are different types of anarchy. Some do not have different names most are just categorized under Anarchy. There are Green Anarchists which means, to not have any rulers and live off the land and do without technology, putting us back into hunter-gatherer days. =). Some anarchist believe in the rule No Gods, No masters. Key part of that sentence being No Gods. But most do not believe in a god because it is still the idea of having a master. But long story short anarchy means against government and atheism is to not believe in god. Answer Anarchy actually refers to a deliberate resistance to order and not an embracement of chaos. Further, the first answer does not elucidate which God is in question. God represents both order, freedom, oppression, revenge, love, hate and many other contradictory characteristics. The typical Christian God, once stripped of middle-class characteristics such as gender and a big white beard, is a contradiction in terms and his characteristics have been ascribed by men over many different generations and political periods. This is not to say that God does not exist, just to say that the biblical representation of him is so erroneous and contradictory and politically slanted and drawn from more than one religion (Christianity AND Judaism) that one might successfully argue that God IS anarchy.


What is anarchy?

Complete absence of law and order


What did Nixon mean by his reference to the forces of totalitarianism and anarchy?

he meant communism. according to marx, the first step of a communist revolution was to establish a dictatorship of the proletariat, a totalitarian state. Next, the dictatorship could slowly dissolve away, leaving anarchy.


What country operates underneath anarchy?

Somalia, though there's an extremely loosely held together government now.


What does infatuation and anarchy mean?

Well infatuation means that you fell in love with them after being with them or seeing them and anarchy means that there is no king or queen in a country or anywhere else.


A sentence for anarchy?

Anarchy is the belief that order can be created without authority.

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What rights do individual have to be treated in a dignified way?

to be treated in a dignified way and to have privacy in care home


Is anarchy a religion?

Anarchy is definitely not a religion. Although most anarchists are Atheist or Agnostic, anarchy is completely based on political beliefs. Anarchists generally believe their current government is corrupt and having an all-out riot would be better than going by the words of the pigs in clothing. This is a very simple answer, I really do suggest googling it.


What is the meaning behind the anarchy symbol?

The Circle-A is almost certainly the best-known present-day symbol for anarchy. It is a monogram that consists of the capital letter "A" surrounded by the capital letter "O". The letter "A" is derived from the first letter of "anarchy" or "anarchism" in most European languages and is the same in both Latin and Cyrillic scripts. The "O" stands for order. Together they stand for "Anarchy is Order," the first part of a Proudhon quote.

The "A" does not stand for anarchy. It stands for Autonomous - self-governance, not subject to control from the outside. The A/O, then, stands for Autonomous Order, which is Anarchism.

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What does the christian anarchy represent?

Christian Anarchy: the belief that the only one they or anyone else is responsible to is God through Jesus Christ, the Son of God and that the only one that has the power and authority to tell you how to live think or act is God by the teachings of Jesus Christ.


What seems to be the purpose of anarchy?

There is no purpose in anarchy other than to destroy law. Without law there can be no society. Even the family unit can't survive without the rule of law. Anarchists are deceitful because they use the guise of anarchy to impose their own rule of law.


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