Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China. It is one of the “Four Great Ancient Capitals of China,” along with Nanjing, Luoyang, and Chang’an. In 2008, Beijing hosted the Summer Olympics Games.

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What sector do people work in China?

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The answer previously posted by 'Contributor' is definitely not correct, because, as China is called, 'the Factory of the World', if they are lazy then they cannot manufacture a portion of the world's products, but unfortunately I do not know of the answer to the question in title.
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Is 'Postcard from Beijing' a hoax?

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Summary of the eRumor The eRumor warns of a virus just discovered by Mcafee or Norton and classed by Microsoft as the most destructive ever. It says the virus destroys "Sector Zero" from the heard disk, sends itself to all the names in your email address book, wipes out the hard disk, and has caused a panic in New York, according to CNN. It says that the subject will be "A Card for You", "Virtual Card for You", or "Postcard." Some versions also say the subject will be "Postcard from Hallmark." recently- postcard from Beijing- The Truth This particular email is a hoax---although there has been a real- "Postcard" virus.and its nasty . The hoax has circulated continuously on the Internet since at least 2001. There is no known virus called "A card for you" or "A virtual card for you." In July, 2007, someone added "Postcard" to the story and said that it had been verified as a true virus. Note: It is true that there was a virus that appeared in the summer of 2007 with a subject line of: "You've received a postcard from a family member." There were several other variations of the subject line that talked about a "card" or a "greeting card." But that virus had nothing to do with this false warning about "A card for you" or "A virtual card for you" and the warning that CNN had termed it the worst virus ever. Microsoft, Norton, or McAfee have had nothing to say about it except that it is a hoax. hope the info helps . his is a detection of spammed email messages used to entice users into visiting sites hosting exploits that would result in a drive-by download. This is the first part in a three-stage infection of W32/Nuwar@MM. The Java Script used in the second stage of infection is detected as JS Downloader-BCZ. Source:
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What is a typical breakfast in Beijing?

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For Beijingers, the typical breakfast is yóutiáo (油条), deep fried sticks of dough to dip in huge bowls of steaming soya-bean milk (dòujiāng - 豆浆). There are also puffy sheets of steamed bread, also to be dipped in soya milk. Any of these breakfasts could be accompanied by a couple of boiled eggs. And here is info about Beijing Snacks:
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How long is a flight from London to Beijing?

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London (LON) to Beijing (BJS) Flight Duration 10 hours 0 mins
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What is the distance from Beijing to Xian China?

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body Distance:The distance between Beijing and Xi'an, China is 568 miles (914 km).Flight:Beijing (BJS) to Xi an (SIA)Flight Duration 1 hour 40 mins
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Shanghai despatch from sorting center tracking?

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This means that the parcel has been sorted and is on route to you. Their is usually no more updates through EMS until the parcel is delivered or attempted a delivery. EMS are known for delays, so If you havent yet received your parcel after 8 days, dont worry, you will receive it soon. If it has been over 2 weeks, contact EMS.
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How do you describe Beijing?

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It would take hours to even scratch the surface, but in a nutshell: Beijing is the political and cultural heart, and one of the few economic centers of China. It is a very large city that at times suffers from very poor air quality, overcrowding, and congestion. Any negatives, however, are far outweighed by its' wonderful and culturally rich past that somehow remains evident in its' present time. It is unlike any other place in the world. A unique combination of its' Communist past and Capitalist future. It is growing and developing by an unimaginable pace (try and take a picture without at least 3 giant cranes in the background). fei chang hao, fa shi!! (a great place, promise!) Modern Beijing Beijing thrives today as the political and cultural capital of China as well as a center of international activity and an important socialist base. Great changes have taken place since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. The city walls were demolished to facilitate transportation and allow for general expansion. By 2001, the population exceeded 12.5 million, and the total municipal area was increased to over 17,800 square kilometers. The city is presently divided into 16 districts: Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chongwen, Xuanwu, Chaoyang, Haidian, Shijingshan, Fengtai, Shunyi, Changping, Mentougou, Tongzhou, Fangshan, Daxing, Huairou and Pinggu. In addition to these urban districts, the municipality is comprised of two counties: Miyun and Yanqing. Plans for future development retain the symmetrical layout of the old city on its north-south axis, extending out into the suburban districts. From Dingfuzhuang in the east to Shijingshan in the west and from Qinghe in the north to Nanyuan in the south, the overall plan covers an area of 1,000 square kilometers. A traffic network of four concentric beltways, 28 radial roads, and underground and suburban railways are being further developed to link the city center with outlying areas and surrounding towns. With Tian'anmen at the center, offices along 38-kilometer-long Chang'an Boulevard will concentrate on state, political and economic affairs. The areas around the Palace Museum (Imperial Palace or Forbidden City) and city gates as well as the lakes -- Zhongnanhai, Beihai and Housanhai -- have been designated landmark districts. And with a look to the future, an increasing number of historical, cultural and revolutionary sites are being renovated and opened to the public.
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How many bicycles are there in Beijing?

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According to the Chinese government (2009 stats), metropolitan Beijing has almost 12 million people and 13 million bicycles.
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What is the altitude of Beijing?

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209 feet 209 feet above sea level
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What is the distance from Beijing to Xi'an?

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The straight-line distance is about 913.3 kilometers, or 567.5 miles.
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Does Lhasa Tokyo Seoul or Beijing have the coldest average January temperature?

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Lhasa has the coldest January tempreture. I'm sure. == == == == I think Lhasa has the highest altitude so it is colder.
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What is the latitude and longitude of Beijing?

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Latitude: 39°54′50″N Longitude: 116°23′30″E
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How many provinces are there in China?

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All together there are 34 province-level administrative units in China, including 4 municipalities, 22 Provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 2 special districts, and Taiwan, which is claimed as a province but is not currently under the administration of the People's Republic of China. 34 in total , including 23 provinces ,4 Municipalities ,5 autonomous regions 2 Special Administrative Region
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How long does it take to fly from LA to Beijing?

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Just about 12 hours... AirChina has direct roundtrips (Flight#984 and #983). I have flown back and forth 4 times now using these same flights and have had no problems. Also, I highly recommend if you live near a Chinese community (such as my city, Alhambra) that you try to get your tickets through a Chinese travel agency. They have special arrangements to help promote tourism and deep discounts can be had on the airfare. I have flown as cheap as $730, and no more than $790 (all inclusive).
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How did the Huang River affect ancient Chinese civilization?

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Huang River affected ancient China in a bad way. Why? well, it was the river that often flooded the lad near it destroying crops and the village around it. Also because the people that live there are very upset of the way the Huang river flooded
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What is popular food in Beijing?

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Popular foods in Beijing are dumplings, Mongolian hot pot, prawns with garlic, pot stickers or jiaozi, shredded pork, and donkey burger.
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How different is Beijing dialect from standard Mandarin Chinese?

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Beijing dialect is not too far off from standard mandarin. One the major difference is they tend to add an rrrrrr sound at the end of many words (when the word finishes a sentence) ----------- Mike - Beijing User-Generated City Guide

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