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A bread maker is a versatile electric machine designed for making yeast breads, doughs and other foods. It is equipped with a timer and a cycle which allows breads to rise.

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Bread Machines

What makes bread dough from bread machine sticky?

The bread dough formed in bread machines is not meant to be removed from the machine and handled, so no provision is made to reduce stickiness. In making bread by hand, additional flour is placed on the bread surface to reduce stickiness and make handling easier. When removing bread dough from a machine before baking, one can apply oil or a spray no-stick product to one's hands to reduce sticking. Alternatively, one may sprinkle a small amount of flour on the surface of the dough before removing from the bread machine.

Bread Machines

Who invented the toaster?

Credit for the invention of the first practical electric toaster goes to Charles P. Strite of Stillwater, Minnesota. It's said that Strite had grown tired of the smell (and most certainly the taste!) of burnt toast in the company cafeteria, so he set out to fix the problem.

Strite was granted US Patent 1394450 on October 18, 1921 for his invention. Interestingly enough, his simple savior was nearly unsuccessful until the invention of sliced bread a few years later made toasting with Strite's device a truly practical endeavor.

Bread Machines

Where can you get a manual for a Regal bread machine?

Answer!The Regal bread machine manual can be obtained via the company's (Regal) website under product information! In your search engine upon entering the company website, you can type in the product series/type and follow the links to access the manual.

These titles may help you out, to start with since you did not specify the machine type/series:

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Alternatively, call the manufacture's helpline and request for the manual to be posted to you. These two options are viable even if the production of your type of product has been discountinued.

Bread Machines

Instructions Welbilt convection bread machine Moded ABM 7500?

ABM 7500

Bread Machines

Where can you get a manual for a Oyster bread machine?

You can download the PDF from here.

Bread Machines

Where can i get a Manual for welbilt bread machine abm 4800?

Bread Machines

Where can you find a manual for Welbilt ABM 800 bread machine?

The related link below will provide you with the answer.

Bread Machines

Whats the difference between bread machine yeast and dry active yeast?

The difference is that dry active yeast must be added to water to help dough rise. Both types of yeast can be used in a bread machine with no noticeable difference.

Bread Machines

Where can I get a Kenmore KTR2205 bread machine users manual?

I found your question while looking for the same thing. The only thing I can find is you can buy one from Sears. Go to and type KTR2205 into the search box in the upper left. Then click the Continue button. Then select view parts list, and hit continue again. Select the + symbol by the owners manual item, and then click view cart. The cost is $3.39, not including tax and shipping.

Why doesn't Sears let you download it free like every other company out there? I think I'll live without the manual and just try and figure it out.

Update: try: instead. The manual is available directly from there at: or

Bread Machines

Does anyone have a good gluten free bread recipe for a breville bread machine?

Yes there are gluten free bread recipes. I know none but I am a fair cook myself so if I find some I'll tell you.

Bread Machines

Where can you get a manual for a welbilt bread machine model ABM 100-4?

The ABM 100-4 manual can be found at :

The recipe guide can be found at :

Bread Machines

Where can you find reciepies for a Welbilt bread machine? This is only one site but it will get you some recipies and information.

Bread Machines

What order do you add ingredients to west bend bread machine?

I first add liquid, (usually milk or water).
I then add butter, ( slice it into 6 or 8 pieces).
I then add flour, (making sure all liquid and butter is covered).
I then sprinkle dry ingredients over top of flour, (except for yeast).
I then make a well, (small indention), in the middle of the flour and add yeast

I have been making bread in my machine for over 10 years and this way has never failed me. I hope this helps and HAPPY BAKING.
Bread Machines

Can you use a bread machine and bake quick bread mixes?

Most breadmakers have a setting for quick breads. So, yes one can make quick breads in a breadmaker.

Bread Machines

Can you use quick rise yeast in place of bread machine yeast in a bread machine?

Yes, and to know more about slices of bread you should visit Whatscookingdad(dot)com, They provide the best content for bread making.

Bread Machines

What is the capacity of a Sunbeam 4810-1 Breadmaker?

I assume it is a 1 lb machine because all the recipes in the manual are for 1 lb loaves.

Bread Machines

How many slices of bread are there in a 1.5lb loaf of bread from the bread machine?

Fair few, not fare few

Bread Machines

Why is the bread not rising in your bread machine?

It sounds like your yeast is not working. How old was it? Did you put it in cold water?

Bread Machines

How can you make bread that is light using a bread machine it always comes out very heavy love using machine and have tried several recipes but it always comes out very heavy?

I add 2 TBS of Gluten - wheat flour protein - purchase this at Wal-Mart, Meijer etc. to the flour mixture. If you are not using bread flour then add 1TBS per cup of regular flour. Also in a measuring cup that contains your warm water - add the yeast and sugar, mix well and let set a few minutes and get foamy. Pour your liquid in the bread pan then all the dry ingredients and oil or butter. The result should be a perfect loaf of bread.

Bread Machines

What can you make in the bread machine besides bread?

You can bake pizza dough in the bread machine. If you want a helping hand in the kitchen, and to deal with the makings of many loaves every single day. Then you can get a bread machine for extra convenience. Visit whatscookingdad to read the complete article on how to use a bread maker to bake pizza dough.

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What brand of breadmaker machine is highly rated?

The best bread machine along with other measurement tools are the best things to give a beginner which helps him to achieve successful breadmaking.

To find out visit: Whatscookingdad(dot)com

Bread Machines

Why would one purchase a breadmachine?

Bread maker helps you to prepare the bakery products at home with no mess and all purity. If you want one for your home, then the best bread machine for beginners is here. There are a few essential points to consider while buying bread maker machines, as we discussed earlier. Visit: Whatscookingdad(dot)com

Bread Machines

What are the names of some cookbooks with bread machine recipes in them?

You can simply visit to whatscookingdad .com to know all about the Bread Machines, Bread Machine Recipes, and Bread Maker Reviews.

Bread Machines

Where can one find good bread machine reviews?

You can read out at WhatsCookingDad! Also, consider reading the FAQ Section as it clears the doubts and gives you a thousand reasons to understand the importance of bread maker to make your health and life.

Bread Machines

Where can one purchase a Zojirushi bread machine?

Best Zojirushi Bread Machine Makers according to Kitchen Appliance experts:

Best Bread Maker for Families: Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery Supreme

Best Mini: Zojirushi BB-SSC10WZ Home Bakery Maestro

Best Gluten-free: Zojirushi BB-PAC20BA Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus

Best Budget: Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Mini Bread Maker

You can purchase it through amazon.


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