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Questions and answers about Claude Monet, a protagonist of Impressionism.

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Claude Monet

How far is Montreux from Paris?

Aprox. 450 km.

Claude Monet

Why did Claude Monet almost never use black paint?

Monet always thought that the color black was too dull to be used in paintings

Claude Monet

Where did Monet paint his lily pads?

In his garden in Giverny

Claude Monet

Did Claude Monet have any other interests besides painting?

None important, besides organizing his garden as a subject for painting.

Claude Monet

What did Alice Monet die of?


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Claude Monet

What was the name of the cartoon series that depicted a group of Arabians that had powers?

They are not Arabians! anyways it's called Avatar: The Last Airbender, there's a movie out and maybe you should watch the show sometime.

Claude Monet

How tall was Claude Rains?

his bio tells us 5'8"

Claude Monet

What did Monet begin to paint in 1899?

Water Lilies

Claude Monet
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What medium did Andrew Wyeth use to paint Christina's World?


Claude Monet

Who painted 'Waterloo Bridge'?

The famous painting "Waterloo Bridge" was painted by the artist Claude Monet.

It is actually one of a series, painted at different weather conditions

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Claude Monet

What is the date of Claude Monet's birth and death?

Claude Monet was born 14th November 1840 in Paris, France. He died of old age on 5th December 1926 at the age of 86 in Giverny, France.

Answer 2:

He died of old age, you say, maybe his lung cancer helped.

Claude Monet

Where was 'Poppies Blooming' painted?

Near the village of Argenteuil.

Claude Monet

What is Monets favorite color?

Turquoise and lilac. He liked cool colours and used them in his art, e.g Water Lillies, he used greens, blues and purples.

Claude Monet

Who is Claude Monet?

Claude Monet was A French impression painter born November 14th 1840 in Paris, France. He was one of the originators of impressionism, along with other French painters, for example Renoir, Sisley and Bazille. Monet married twice and had two sons. He died of lung cancer December 5th 1926.

Claude Monet whose original name is Oscar Claude Monet was born on November 14, 1840 and died December 5, 1926, was a founder of French impressionist painting and even the Impressionism as a whole. He is also the most consistent and prolific practitioner of the said movement's philosophy of expressing one's perceptions before nature especially as applied to plein-air landscape painting. As a matter of fact, the term Impressionism is derived from one title of his painting Impression, Sunrise.

Claude Monet

Which famous artist painted a series of 250 pieces known as Water Lilies?

Water Lilies is a series of approximately 250 oil paintings by French Impressionist Claude Monet. The paintings depict Monet's flower garden at Giverny and were the main focus of Monet's artistic production during the last thirty years of his life. Many of the works were painted while Monet suffered from cataracts. The paintings are on display at museums all over the world.

Claude Monet

Where was Claude Monet born?

Monet was born on November 14, 1840 on the fifth floor of 45 rue Laffitte, in the ninth arrondissement of Paris. France. Claude Monet (spelled thus) was a famous Impressionist artist.

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Claude Monet

How much pictures Claude Monet painted?

There is no answer for this many of his paintings ended up in private collections as well as galleries. Many of his paintings were thrown away because he felt they weren't what he had in mind. Many paintings he painted over 2-4 times because he didn't like them. He gave them away and also used them to barter with when he was a "starving artist".

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Claude Monet

What countries did Monet travel for painting landscapes?

France, Holland and England.

Claude Monet

What style did Claude Monet use in 'Poppies Blooming' painting?

It is one of his many Impressionism paintings.

Claude Monet

What is Claude Monet's biggest contribution on society?

claudes monet most important contribution to society was painting for the homeless people

Claude Monet

Why do people like Claude Monet's work?

people like his work because his paintings are very inspirational

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Claude Monet

What style of art did claude monet make?

He was an impressionistic artist, in fact he founded the art of impressionism. This particular style of painting is supposed to help the artist create a picture as realistic as possible using interesting colors (generally not very bold), to create an atmosphere, not necessarily to depict the subject in intricate detail.

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Claude Monet

How has Claude Monet used the elements of color in his painting?

he used different colours

Claude Monet

What was the color of Claude Monet's hair?

In his youth he had dark hair. It soon became grey and ultimately white.

Claude Monet

What inspired Claude Monet to paint?

Water lilies, gardens, the color of the light changing during the day, Eugene Boudin, the moment, the landscape, the shores of Brittaney, etc..

- I want to paint the air in which the bridge, the house and the boat are to be found - the beauty off the air around them, and that is nothing less than the impossible.

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