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TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) co-founders Grant and Jason along with their members such as Amy, Adam, Steve, Britt, Tango and Jason's daughter Haily among others perform ghost hunting activities on the TV Show called "Ghost Hunters" that airs on Syfy in an attempt to discover whether a place or location is being haunted by paranormal activity.

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Ghost Hunters (show)

Was John Cena on an episode of Ghost Hunters?

No The Miz and Kofi Kingston was but not cena

Ghost Hunters (show)

Why is grant Wilson leaving taps?

Grant is leaving Tapps due to personal reasons which he has probably shared with Jason as they are close firends but it is not for public knolewedge or for the team to know about. Grant has not ruled out leaving Tapps for good - perhaps once he has sorted matters out in the future he may very well return in a later series.

Ghost Hunters (show)

Ghost hunters hold these two bars and it points to the ghost but what kind of metal is it made out of?


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Why can i use ghost software?

Hello, Norton Ghost, is a programme, that when you install it into your Computer, it works away in the background and makes an exact copy of your Computer Software and all of your files.

Ghost Hunters (show)

How do you get Ghost hunters-taps to come to my house?

Go to their website and find where it shows request an investigation.

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What protects people from being held in jail on weak evidence or no evidence at all?

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Ghost Hunters (show)

Why is Grant Wilson from TAPS leaving ghost hunters?

"It is with mixed emotion that I am announcing my departure from the cast of Ghost Hunters. While paranormal investigating has always been and will remain a passion for me, after enjoying nearly eight successful seasons on television, I have made the decision to leave the series in order to focus on other aspects of my personal life," Wilson said of his departure.

Ghost Hunters (show)

Why is grant Wilson leaving ghost hunters?

It undoubtedly is a wife thing. She's tired of just basking in the wealth he's been bringing home.

An unselfush woman wouldn't make her man give up his dreams.

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Ghost Hunters (show)

How much does a typical bounty hunter get paid?

in the first year a bounty hunter can earn $21,000 - $50,000 pa Agents have been known to earn upto $138,000 pa

Ghost Hunters (show)

Are grant or Jason of ghost hunters leaving the show?

As of February 2012, no official statement has been released indicating that Grant or Jason are leaving the show.

Ghost Hunters (show)

Are barry Fitzgerald and Kris Williams for Ghost Hunters International dating?

no they never dated

Ghost Hunters (show)

How much do ghost hunters get paid.?

very little. most ghost hunters don't get paid. they become ghost hunters for the love of ghost hunting.

Hope i helped you all.

-actually, since Zak, Nick and Aaron are sponsored by the Travel Channel, they make a decent hefty pay check. For the most part, if you have any job where you're broadcasted over a nationally tuned tv show, you're going to be making good money. People on shows like "chopped", "ghost hunters", "man vs food" etc are usually paid per episode, and judging by the sports car Bagans drives, Id say he probably makes between $25,000-$35,000 an episode. The salary only increases as the number of seasons increase.

-don't forget to add in all the public promotions and venues he gets paid for.

(37 episodes)($25,000) +$10,000 for promotions= $935,000

$935,000 - taxes and Travel Channel fees = $350,000

Ghost Hunters (show)

All ghost hunters names from taps?

Jason, Grant, Steve, Tango and Kris, are the main ones

Ghost Hunters (show)

How much does it cost to have Ghost hunters-taps to come to your house?

TAPS, like any other reputable Paranormal Investigative team, never charges for their services.

Some groups make their funding through offering classes, books, and tours, however a real paranormal group will NEVER charge you to do an investigation.

Ghost Hunters (show)

How did Chris Angelo of Ghost Hunters die?

He died in a car accident. Source: interview with Grant and Jason I found on IMDB.

Ghost Hunters (show)

Are there any small groups of ghost hunters in St Helens Merseyside?

Yes there is, they meet at the Rendezvous pub in St Helens on the second Thursday every month, 8.30 till 10.30. They have at least one big investigation per month, ghost walks, summer camps and social evenings. Its a branch of a bigger group that also has branches in Manchester and Wales.

Ghost Hunters (show)

Is Dave tango leaving ghost hunters?


Ghost Hunters (show)

On ghost hunters what does taps stand for?

TAPS stands for:





Ghost Hunters (show)

What is ghost hunters real number?

Ghost Hunters is an entertaining television program. But one should not mistake everything seen on television, even on so-called Reality TV, for actual reality.

Ghost Hunters (show)

On the TV show ghost hunters what does TAPS stand for?

The Apparitional Paranormal Spirits

Thats not right,it stands for The Atlantic Paranormal Society

Ghost Hunters (show)

Does Barry Fitzgerald of Ghost Hunters International have a girlfriend?

Barry is happily dating a wonderful lady from Austria and is NOT engaged to anyone off GHI as formally and wrongly reported.

As of recent he is single.

Ghost Hunters (show)

Is the show 'Ghost Hunters' real or fake?

The TAPS organization is one of the best funded and highly experienced teams of Paranormal Investigators in the country. Though there are many other noted people who have been in the field for as long or longer than Jason and Grant, the income provided by their show Ghost Hunters has allowed them the opportunity to get and use key equipment, try new equipment and investigative methods, and gain access to sites that otherwise would be out of reach for the rest of us active investigators. They are the team that many others model their own organizations and methods after, though not as many are actually near as good.

It's important to note that the show's presentation depicts only a small part of each investigation; most investigations take several hours to complete (including about an hour for setup and takedown), and many hours for subsequent analysis of all recordings. The show is edited down so the viewer gets only the best of what they've collected. Acoustic recordings must be transferred to a hard drive, then viewed on an analysis program while being listened to in real time. If you have 5 recorders each with 5 hours of recordings, that's 25 hours of stuff to listen to and analyze. Same with video analysis as well. The show makes it look easy, but in reality it's a very long and time consuming process, and not always with any results. But that's the nature of Paranormal Investigations.

The evidence that TAPS chooses to present (EVP's, IR video, etc.) is consistent with what my own team and others routinely gather. But for many people, they have to witness it themselves before becoming true believers - no amount of audio or video, no matter how convincing, is enough to convert a true skeptic. Seeing an Entity manifest in front of you will change anyone's mind though, no matter how skeptical.

Most people have never seen a ghost/entity, or experienced a Paranormal event; and even if they do, their faith or other core beliefs or unwillingness to face the fact that they might exist prevents them from believing what they've seen. However, if you ever do encounter any type of entity, be it an active or residual one, it will change your life forever. Probably scare you too if you're not prepared for it.

You can view more about the TAPS organization at their website link below.

Ghost Hunters (show)

Is grant Wilson leaving ghost hunters?


Ghost Hunters (show)

Is there a Ghost Hunters Acadamey?


Ghost Hunters (show)

What do taps ghost hunters do special on Halloween night?

They film it live but don't usually do anything else special.


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