Medical Marijuana

Where legal, medical marijuana is used to relieve symptoms of some physical and psychological issues. An example of medical marijuana use is when it is smoked to increase the appetite in a chemotherapy patient.

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Medical Marijuana

Can you get medical marijuana for ADHD?

Not that I'm aware of yet but it certainly helps me when my Adderall isn't doing its job. It really helps me focus.

Medical Marijuana

In Oregon can you get a medical marijuana card for emphysema?

yes best not to smoke though .eat it canna butter and tinctures

Medical Marijuana

Why do people say they smoke medical marijuana?

In most states, Marijuana is legalized through medical use. Doctors and prescribe marijuana, but cannot give it to them. Until recently doctors recommended (California, for example) that they find a safe way of getting it. Now in California they have privately owned stores that will sell all types of marijuana to people who possess a medical marijuana license. Massachusettes will be voting to be the first state to fully legalize and sell marijuana to residents of Massachusettes, by the government.

Medical Marijuana

What problems does medical marijuana give you?

In certain states they will prescribe it for glaucoma and if you have certain types of cancer. Due to the cancer treatments, you don't want to eat and smoking pot will give you the munchies.

The last contributor is Not 100% accurate:

Marijuana will help glaucoma, Alzheimer's, stomach and intestine problems, tremors, seizures, epilepsy, etc. Marijuana has many different chemicals that are released in different ways of consuming (smoking, eating, drinking, ect.) The plant, without these chemicals, would just be what its name is weed. THC is the strongest and most potent of these chemicals, which happens to be what helps cancer. It has nothing to do with "getting the munchies".

Medical Marijuana

Can you get a medical marijuana card while on probation in Michigan?

most likely not because u r o probation and can go to jail with maryjane if u et caught...but then again....if u get a medical pass im sure u will be fine i u get caught they have to release yoh because u have a dr.note

Medical Marijuana

Can you get medical marijuana while on felony probation in Michigan?

trying to get card while on felony probation in california. i dont even know where to start man. ive been to a clinic he said ask my po i asked my po he said hell arrest me if i smoke weed (hes one of those i like to arrest probationers for laughs type) called a lawyer he said he would be able to help me and never got back to me. F*** the system im gunna blow up there building with soap, just wait!

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Medical Marijuana

What is the medical treatment for thrombophlebitis?

It is a clot in the (phlebitis) inflammation of the superficial veins.

Medical Marijuana

Which states allow medical marijuana use?

  1. Arizona, Alaska, California, Colorado,Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon,Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington; all allow medical marijuana use.
Medical Marijuana

How many people in the world smoke pot?

20% of people in the world smoke it, 45% of people in the world have tried it.

Medical Marijuana

When is medical marijuana going to be legalized?

Currently, 23 states have legalized medical marijuana, as well as the Czech Republic, Finland (but it's very strict and hard to get into the program), and Canada. The UK may hop on board to medical marijuana, however that is unsure. They have been researching it as of late, so keep your eyes open for that! Who knows for sure when it will be legalized, or if it even will be! Only time can tell at this point. However, it does happen at a relatively quick speed!

Medical Marijuana

What are the medical marijuana laws in riverside county?


Medical Marijuana

Can doctors prescribe Medical Marijuana in Virginia?

No, doctors cannot prescribe Medical Marijuana in the state of Virginia. It is legal in 23 of the 50 states and Virginia is not one of them.

medical marijuana has been legal in virginia since 1979, for glaucoma and cancer, recent actions may have enabled it for pain, more work has been on-going for other ailments such as anxiety and other psycological disorders

Medical Marijuana

What are the age limits to getting a medical marijuana license in Colorado?

Children under the age of 18 can get a card if they have 2 docs diagnose and both parents or guardians must sign. Also one parent must agree to be the caretaker and administer and control dosing.

Medical Marijuana

Is medical marijuana legal in Virginia?

Not sure...

Medical Marijuana

Can marijuana help with mental disorders?

There is new research coming out in the next couple of weeks which will demonstrate that it does help some people with ADD and bi-polar problems. There are many medical marijuana users at this time who report using it for those problems. There is no evidence yet that it helps with OCD disorders.

I have bi polar. When i smoke weed i am very relaxed and very mellow. I never get into fights or go crazy or nothing. I stopped smoking for 5 months. I became much more angry , i spent money like crazy, and i had trouble sleeping. Those are not marijana withdrawl symptoms those are bi polar symptoms but they became worse.

My opinion, marijuanna will help with bi polar, when i stopped i was horrible like i used to be. With marijuanna i sleep alot more, and am more focused. I say yes because i am proof lol. As far as add, i am not sure.

Additional notation not by original author... You must be careful to get the dosage right. Too much and you will have an episode too little and the same thing. Just like other psych medication. The problem is that all marijuana is different and different doses may be needed to get the same effect. The same is true, that all people are different and will need different size doses. Thankfully research is occurring at the current time into isolating THC and making it in liquid form so as to get proper medical dosing and improve the stigma behind medical marijuana.

Not likely, considering it already causes them, i.e. you can get mental disorders from marijuana.

Medical Marijuana

Can you have medical marijuana while in the coast guard?

Only if you wish to be locked in the brig and subject to disciplinary action.

Though it might be "legal" in some states, the Federal Government hasn't legalized it, and therefore neither has the military which is subject to Federal, and not State, laws. That isn't likely to change anytime soon.

Essentially, States have the ability to disregard certain Federal laws if they wish to; Federal Agencies, on the other hand, must follow Federal Law first and State Law second.

Medical Marijuana

Does military insurance pay for medical marijuana?

No I seriously doubt it. It isn't a state insurance..Its more national. California is the only state where its only a slight possibility it can work.

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Medical Marijuana

Why should marijuana be legal?

1. Less strain on resources of criminal justice system. (ie. prisons, courts, law enforcement agencies) It currently costs 43,000 a year to incarcerate a person. It seems a little silly to pay this for somebody arrested for possesion of marijuana.These resources in turn could be used to combat more important issues. Violent crime comes to mind. Not to mention to a large extent this exposes a lot of non violent productive people to a "hard" criminal element and lifestyle as well as the ramifications of a felony conviction. 2. To keep kids off drugs. This is twofold. First if sold through traditional means marijuana would be harder for minors to acquire. (It's currently harder for a minor to get alcohol or cigarettes than pot. Second, minors would less likely to be exposed to other drugs as a result of not going to ilicit dealers that often sell a variety of much more harmful substances(ie. meth ,cocaine etc.) 3. Tax revenues generated. These could be put into our schools as well as drug prevention programs. 4. The environment. The fiber from the hemp plant is extremely well suited for making paper and cloth. This would eliminate the need for a lot of trees being cut. When grown it is very hearty and can be grown with little or no pesticides, further increasing its environmental impact. The seeds are also very energy rich with oils. Answer In addition to the reasons above, there are also the following reasons: 1) The marijuana laws were based on racism, ignorance, and nonsense from the very beginning. Marijuana was outlawed for two primary reasons. The first was racial prejudice against Mexican immigrants and other minorities. The second was the fear that heroin addiction would lead to the use of marijuana -- exactly the opposite of the modern gateway myth. See, for example, the short history of the marijuana laws at For a more extensive review of the history of the drug laws and the lunacy behind them, see The Consumers Union Report on Licit and Illicit Drugs at and The Drug Hang-Up by Rufus King -

2) Every major study of the drug laws in history has concluded that the marijuana laws were nonsense from the very beginning and that they should have been repealed long ago because they do more harm than good. See

Major Studies of Drugs and Drug Policy -

Medical Marijuana

Do Mormons use medical marijuana?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints have approved that all members with in the area of legalization to use medical marijuana with the council of their bishop and the OK from their doctor. It also may not be smoked but consumed.

People looking into getting baptized into the church that use marijuana must first be legally able to use an a interview with the mission president (depending of the mission president).

Medical Marijuana

When will medical marijuana be legalized in Pennsylvania?

nobody knows but the united states representatives are getting more and more people to agree to legalize it.

Medical Marijuana

Is weed good for you?

Marijuana is the correct term for this medical euphoric ganja. Marijuana slows down cancer cells and it is very useful to people with leukemia whom find it very hard to eat. It cured my anorexia and it saved my life and many others. It eventually cures and prevents depression in the patients that choose to use this medicine's purpose. It keeps most people off harsher drugs like, cocaine, ecstasy, meth, heroine, etc.

It not only gets you high, but it's a natural high that you can control completely. You can smoke or consume it before bed and you will have the best sleep of your life. You'll stay fully asleep through the night and wont "toss and turn" and wake up with back pains.

Marijuana doesn't kill you at all. The lethal dose for marijuana would be 1,400 joints in a time of 20 minutes...

Medical Marijuana

What are the laws about traveling with marijuana and a Medical Marijuana card?

never in a plane as airports are federal and marijuana(medicinal or not) is still illegal at a federal level. Some states honor certain other states recommendations but do not allow you to go to their collectives. Check norml's website for all current state by state regulations

Medical Marijuana
How To

How to get a medical marijuana card Colorado?

Get hit by a car and develope a tumor in your head. Tell the authorities that the only thing that soothes it is marijuana, and wal-a. You should get some medicinal marijuana.

Medical Marijuana

Can you get medical marijuana for anxiety in Colorado?

It truly depends on the severity of the disorder and how well you cope with anti anxiety medications. If medicines, such as ativan, have negative effects on the patient, many doctors will even suggest medicinal marijuana as a natural alternative. Its important to recognize that marijuana is a safe, cheap, readily available plant that can cure all symptoms of anxiety including; nausea, diarrhea, chest pains, and countless others. However, if marijuana worsens the patient's disorder by making them even more anxious, the doctor may suggest marijuana as a poor treatment. Bottom line: ask your physician for medical marijuana information and discuss if its the proper treatment for you. Remember, it NEVER hurts to ask (: hope I helped!

-Happy Toking-


Medical Marijuana

What are the claimed health benefits of marijuana?

The Benefits of Smoking or Eating Marijuana are as follows:

A. Typical cure or prevention of Glaucoma a serious eye disease.

B. Used by Aids and Terminal Patients to ease nausea and delirium

C. Natural Sedative and sleep aid if you use the Sativa instead of Indica.

D. Natural non toxic tranquilizer depending on dosage, and strain.

E. Improves creativity in some for writing, speaking, drawing, painting, song writing, poetry, and has been used by very many college students to make typically boring subjects and professors interesting. Enables many students who have problems studying the ability to retain information and make it more interesting. (warning - it also has been known to produce short-term memory loss, which would interfere with retaining information)

F. Outstanding cure for those with the eating disorder of not eating, or not wanting to eat; or who have an illness where they need to gain weight as they are too thin. (It can create an eating desire referred to as "Munchies."

G. A much less toxic way to relax, calm down, have an attitude change, without the toxic effects and hangover of alcohol. (although common contaminants from street marijuana can be more toxic than alcohol - YMMV)

H. The Indica strains are used as a natural stimulant for some which can create more clarity, focus, and precision. That is why many office workers may smoke Indica instead of using caffeine to be alert, work harder, faster, be more creative, accurate, and make their work day more interesting.

I. If you are very sensitive to Marijuana it is suggested you take very small doses, as extremely sensitive people to marijuana may feel paranoia, or uncomfortable, whereas the majority of marijuana users do not typically experience this as they control their dosage. THC, the prime chemical in Marijuana which affects the brain by releasing hormones and chemicals that affect people differently depending on what strain you smoke, the potency of the strain, whether it's indica, or sativa, and how much your use. Beginners that use Marijuana should experiment with the strength of Pot they smoke, Indica (More mental), Sativa (More of a physical relaxant), and start with only one or two puffs to check dosage.

J. Unless you are a chronic user, smoking once per day should do minimal damage to your lungs and body.

K. An Ice Breaker socially on dates, in relationship, some say an aphrodisiac (because of its possible relaxing effects), relaxant, or assistance to the libido for many freeing them up to be more romantic, more sensual, and more passionate, as it's been claimed to heighten the intensity of sex, lust, passion, and orgasm.

L. A safe additive to social events, whereas alcohol may create chaos, conflict, or violence, Marijuana rarely creates a negative environment socially, on the contrary, it typically mellows the crowd out and create more of a family setting, with enjoyable after affects.

M. Aids in sleep, insomnia, and inability to calm down for hyper people who need to wind down, without the toxic effects of cigarettes which nuke your blood sugar, and alcohol which destroys your liver and carries a terrible hangover with it. (although in some people it actually creates insomnia. Withdrawal after prolonged use can also result in insomnia)

N. Many use it to fight depression naturally without side effects, as they say it blocks many of the negative emotions people can carry with them. (although in some people it induces depression)

O. Heightens enjoyment of senses, making music sound better to some, food taste better, touching more exciting, hearing accented, sensitivity to light, and sense of smell.

P. Can be used as a truth medication to discover information from a friend or a loved one, if the dosage is high enough, people are said to have confessed information, they might not ordinarily talk about while high. (because it reduces inhibitions - similar to alcohol)

Q. Many use Cannibus/Marijuana as a way to wean themselves off of tobacco, which could mean only 1 marijuana cigarette a day instead of 20 to 40 tobacco cigarettes, which can eventually be lethal (The Tobacco) Very few if any cases of people getting cancer from Marijuana are documented, but millions die from alcohol and tobacco.

R. Many Men are not aware that Marijuana is a natural birth control that substantially reduces SPERM COUNT, when used regularly to reduce the likelihood conception, although not guaranteed, it is a FACT, that Male Marijuana smokers will have a much lower sperm count, reducing the percentage of conception.

S. Many women whom are sexually or intimately inhibited, use Marijuana to reduce their inhibitions, and fear of intimacy to enjoy their mate much more.

T. Many people use the Indica Strain when they awake in lieu of coffee, caffeine, or guarana to excite their day, get them rolling, wash away the tired feeling and motivate them to get ready for work.

It is not recommended you take a heavy dose of Marijuana and drive, but many claim to drive better on low doses of Marijuana as they believe it makes them more focused, more of a defensive driver, more alert of their surroundings, & More sensitive to danger from other vehicles or pedestrians. Whether this is true or just because their judgement is impaired enough to give them a false sense of improvement has not been established.

"Marijuana has been used for eons as a medicine, a sedative, a stimulant, and a relaxant, including healing properties in treating Glaucoma, and perhaps a natural way for birth control. It has been used throughout the ages by many tribes and natives for ceremonial purposes, initiation, visions, sweat lodges, and supposedly elevating one's consciousness to the environment around them, that they might not ordinarily had been aware of without the use of Marijuana.

As with any Drug, narcotic, alcohol, sugar, chocolate, coffee, caffeine, or any substance that could be interpreted as "Addicting," Marijuana should never be abused or overused to the point that you need it or smoke it all day, everyday, which a "Few" Chronic users do; as most marijuana users only use Marijuana for the medical or recreational reasons mentioned above, the benefits mentioned above, and like anything in society that is addictive (Including sex).

Abusive people, that are addictive, could become addicted to anything, and go beyond using everything to feed their addictions, but normal people who know not to over due it on anything in life, know that using whatever feels, tastes, or helps your life should be used in moderation so as not to create a mental, emotional, or physical dependence on such substance. IN that case, the use of marijuana should be controlled and never abused, as an answer to real life.


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