Peacocks and Peahens

Peacocks and peahens are male and female peafowls – species of birds within the genus Pavo. Peacocks display their extravagant tail as part of courtship. During the mating season, they often emit a loud high-pitched cry.

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Peacocks and Peahens
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What does let peacocks fly mean?

It is a funny phrase for peacocks to show them honor.

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Peacocks and Peahens
Eggs (food)

What do peahen eggs taste like?

They taste great. slightly richer than chicken eggs, larger than chicken eggs and great for use in baking. They are a real treat just because unlike the chicken, the peahen only lays eggs at a certain time of year and only in limited quantity.

Peacocks and Peahens

What is scientific name of peacock bird?

There are two species of peafowl. There is the Pavo cristatus commonly known as the Indian or Blue Peafowl, and there is the Pavo muticus commonly known as the Green Peafowl. The species that most people are familiar with is the Indian Peafowl (Pavo cristatus.)

Peacocks and Peahens

What is another term for peacock eyes?


Peacocks and Peahens

Why do peacocks attack people?

they may feel threatened

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Peacocks and Peahens

How can you scare away peacocks?

take a stick and poke it

AnswerFirst of all, never use bag hand motions, clapping, and all that other stuff. The peacocks are genarally afraid of humans. So just start walking towards them just like a crow or pigeon and they will move away. They might bite you.
Peacocks and Peahens

What do you call the sound a peacock?

Lou Lou

Peacocks and Peahens

Is there a negative meaning about peacock feathers?

They were once thought of to bring bad luck or to have the 'eye' of god(s) watching you.

Peacocks and Peahens

What other animals live near peacocks?

Well i went on a safari and it put animals in the right habitat with the right animals what live in that habitat. And what i saw was elephants. They mostly live in in India and places abouts in India. That's all i no but i will keep on coming back and checking.

Peacocks and Peahens

How does peacocks reproduce eggs or babies?

Peacocks reproduce by laying eggs

Peacocks and Peahens

Do peacock has claws?

Yes they do

Peacocks and Peahens

If 3 peacocks lay 5 eggs in 8 days how many peacocks will lay 29 eggs in 76 days?

Peacock never lays eggs, Its pea hen that lays egg

Peacocks and Peahens

Feminine gender of peacock?

  • Peahen
Rain and Flooding
Peacocks and Peahens

Why the Peacock opening its feather during rainy season?

Because peacock wanna dance in rainy mood............ jp (mamce)

Peacocks and Peahens

What vertebrate group does peacocks belong to?

Class Aves.

Peacocks and Peahens

What are some examples of scratching birds?


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Peacocks and Peahens

When does the Peacock hibernate?

[Inachis io] hibernate over winter from September/October. On the contrary a badly behaved one was yesterday (1st Now) flying around my flat in the Czech Republic and the temperatures here have already dropped nearly to zero on the outside.


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Peacocks and Peahens
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What are 5 sentences about a peacock?

1. Peacock is our National Bird.

2. Peacock is so beautiful.

3. peacock has a long neck and a crown on its head.

4. Peacock has colourful and long feathers.

5. peacock used to dance in the start of rain as if it welcomes the rain.

Peacocks and Peahens

Are peacocks scratching birds?


Peacocks and Peahens

What is the masculine of peahen?


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Peacocks and Peahens

What is the opposite gender of peahen?

Pata nahi

Peacocks and Peahens
National Emblems

When it was declared as national bird?

In 1963, the peacock was declared the National Bird of India because of its rich religious and legendary involvement in Indian traditions. The criteria for this choice were many. The bird must be well-distributed within the country so it could truly 'national'. It must be recognisable to the common man. It must lend itself to formal depiction, i.e. abstract depiction on government publications, etc. It must not be confused with the bird emblem of any other nation. It should be associated with Indian myths and legends. The peacock fit the bill.

Peacocks and Peahens

Can peacocks eat chicken food?

They are physically able to, but it is unhealthy for them to do so.

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Peacocks and Peahens

What bird as a long beak red head and green back?

That sounds like a kingfisher only I do not know any of them with a red head. Or maybe a woodpecker, only I do not know any of them with a green back.

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Peacocks and Peahens

Can peahens lay eggs without a mate?

Just like chickens and any other bird, peahens can also lay eggs without a mate.


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