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"The Princess Diaries" are a series of books written by Meg Cabot. The books are written as a series of journal entries. They follow the life of the teen princess, Mia Thermopolis.

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Princess Diaries

Is there going to be another Princess Diaries and is Anne Hathaway going to be in it?

no, i dont think so, cuz she became queen in the second movie. :(

Princess Diaries

What is the name of Mia Thermopolis's father in The Princess Diaries?

Crown Prince Philippe Renaldi (in the film).

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Princess Diaries

Topics for presentation in English class? work


3.street crimes



Princess Diaries

What is the reading level of The Princess Diaries?

The first book is around 6th grade level.

Princess Diaries

Is there going to be a 'Princess Diaries 3'?

There is a third Princess Diaries book but there are no current plans for a third movie.

Princess Diaries

When will Princess Diaries 3 be out?


Princess Diaries

How old was Anne Hathaway during filming for 'The Princess Diaries'?

Anne Hathaway was born on November 12, 1982 and on that same date in 2010 she will be 28 years old. The first Princess Diaries film was filmed during 2000, so she was about 17. And in the second film she was about 21.

Princess Diaries

What is the movie called with a girl who becomes a princess and is not cartoon?

princess diaries movie

Princess Diaries

What is the music played during the scene where Nicholas is riding the bike to Princess Mia's Wedding in The Princess Diaries 2?

It is a classical music piece.

Princess Diaries

What is the name of the classical song played during the wedding scene in Princess Diaries 2?

Pachebel's Canon in D

Princess Diaries

Is the story the Princess Diaries real or imaginary?

I'm guessing it's imaginary- have you ever heard of a real princess who got told she was royal age 14 in the Plaza hotel? ;)

Princess Diaries

What does mia wear on her nose in the Princess Diaries?

apparently, Mia wears a pore strip on her nose and supposedly Anne Hathaway thought of the idea herself

Princess Diaries

How many pages are there in Princess Diaries 4.5?

apparently there are only 23


Princess Diaries

Where was the princess diaries 2 filmed?

If you have watched the film of The Princess Diaries 2; The Royal Engagement and waited for the credits, you will find it there at the very last part, "This film was entirely shot in Los Angeles."

Princess Diaries

What is the song called when princess Mia is walking down the stairs on her coronation in Princess Diaries 2?

I don't know, but I think I saw the movies Princess Diaries (1st and 2nd) and heard the song but I don't really know what the song in there is. Ask again but in a different way but still let them know what you talking about.

Actually, it's called i love life but idk who its by

Princess Diaries

What is the name of Mia's cat in Princess Diaries?

Fat Louie

Princess Diaries

What is the best Princess Diaries book?

Well I think number 10 is the best. But that is just for me.

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Who plays Anne Hathaway's grandmother in The Princess Diaries?

Her grandmother is played byJulie Andrews
Princess Diaries

Where can I find Mia's backpack in Princess Diaries?

It is a COACH bag. Ebay probably is the best place to find it.

Princess Diaries

What is the opening song in the Princess Diaries?

Princess Diaries

The main setting of forever princess by Meg Cabot?

new york

Princess Diaries

What happens in the end of Princess Diaries 2?

Anne Hathaway (the princess) becomes queen. She doesn't get married to the handsome boy who wants to be king.

Princess Diaries

What happens in the end of princess tutu?

the prince goes with this girl named Eri because he saves her then they fall in love.


Dude, what the heck? Who the heck is Eri? There is no freaking Eri in Princess Tutu. In the end of Princess Tutu, Ahiru/Duck has to give Mytho the last heart shard, which is the pendant to make her Princess Tutu/a human. The pendant wouldn't come off and she decided to go to the bottom of the Lake of Despair to die and once she dies, she believed the heart shard would leave her and go to its rightful owner. But Fakir comes down and convinces her that they should be their true selves, and he told her that he would stay by Ahiru/Duck's side forever. Suddenly, the pendant came off, and I guess they gave it back, and Mytho went and fought the Raven. -skip- Yeah, and then Mytho takes Rue to be his wife and they go back to the story. And..Ahiru/Duck and Fakir stay together forever. Except uh..Ahiru/Duck is a duck now. So.. Yup. That was a really horrible summary but it's better than saying that there was a freaking girl named Eri. I just needed to clear that up.

Princess Diaries

What was the name of Anne Hathaway's best friend in 'The Princess Diaries' played by Heather Matarazzo?

Lilly Moscovitz

Princess Diaries

Does Michael appear in Princess Diaries 2?


she actually nearly marries some outer guy


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