The most distinct group of lizards, skinks belong to the family Scincidae, the second biggest of the lizard families. Skinks are smooth shiny lizards with a conical head, a cylindrical body and a long, tapering tail.

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What does a five lined skink eat?

They will eat any bugs like mealworms waxworms ants earthworms


Are blue tail skinks harmful to dogs?

no they are not i have 3 dogs and reguraly see them chasing, catching, and eating them


I have cats and I understand that skink lizards are poisinous to cats. How do you get rid of skink lizards around my yard or under the house?

Use bug repellents, they drive away the bugs which will eventually decrease the population of lizards around your home. Also, bleach works fairly well because it burns the lizards skin.

well you dont get rid of the skinks to start with they belong here ,, you keep your cat locked up like the law says so they dont eat our native animals,, cats are the biggest killer of natives and should be locked up at all times.....


How do you catch blue tail skink lizards?

Get a cardboard box or something and lure it in with crickets


What do skinks eat?

Skinks eat everything - crickets, snails, carrion (bits of turkey or chicken are okay, if you run out of carrion), fruits, flowers, vegetables, mealworms, earthworms, banana bites, greens, baby foods, grasshoppers, beetles, spiders, caterpillars, and smaller lizards. And eggs, boiled, scrambled, or raw, and probably poached.

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Why won't my blue tailed skink eat?

If it is wild it is used to big areas so it will only eat if it is in the wild because it is shoked


Where does a blue tailed mole skink live?

Central Florida


What does a skink eat?

Skinks like to eat insects and plants.
Skinks eat everything - crickets, snails, carrion (bits of turkey or chicken are okay, if you run out of carrion), fruits, flowers, vegetables, mealworms, earthworms, banana bites, greens, baby foods, grasshoppers, beetles, spiders, caterpillars, and smaller lizards. And eggs, boiled, scrambled, or raw, and probably poached.

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Flies, misqutoe,ants and small bugs


How can you tell a male lizard from a female lizard?

This depends on the type of lizard it is, but there are some general rules that apply to many species.

Female lizards tend to be longer and slimmer than males, lighter in weight, and have a smaller head than the males. In some species, the male is more brightly coloured, in order to attract the female, and often certain markings such as coloured throats will become more pronounced in colour during breeding season.

When looking at the underside of the lizard, males have a small bulge between the end of the abdomen and the tail. Also, the appearance of the femoral pores is different. Femoral pores are small openings lining the bottom of a lizard's legs. In males, they are located near the bulge at te base of the tail, generally in a 'V' shape, and darker in colour than the surrounding scaly skin. Female femoral pores cannot be seen as easily.


How do you mate skinks?

First you must have the temperature at well warmed with a male and female skink then make sure there is NO competition for food then if you get lucky they will mate.


When do skinks come out to get food?

They come out mostly any time.

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Is a skink lizard dangerous to dogs?

Not at all. Skinks are basically regular lizards. They can do no harm to any dog, however your dog is actually dangerous to it.


How can you tell if your skink is a boy or girl?

A boy skink will have a bump underneath the tail a girl will have a closed up hole


Will a ground skink eat bluebird eggs?

it depends on what kind of bird It is

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How do you get rid of wall lizards?

Buy a spud pistol and shoot them. This is the best way. I am going to do this myself. Shooting at them annoys them and this puts them off. Continuous sniping at them for many years leads them to learn to stay away. But lizards being slow learners, this may take time. If any one knows a better and faster method, please let me know. Leave empty egg shells around. Lizards hate them. Try Placing peacock feathers here and there other than decorating the place it gets those creeps out.its a god gift for people like me.

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What do long tailed weasels eat?


mostly of mammals (rabbit-sized or smaller) or birds. Sometimes they will also eat birds' eggs, amphibians, reptiles, fish, insects or other invertebrates, or fruits in more or less decreasing order of prevalence.

Cat Health

Are Skinks harmful to cats?

I think the short answer is YES.. My cat was staggering and appeared nearly dead. Vet said it had eaten a skink and would recover. However there was permanent nerve damage. The cat's head was tilted about 45deg. and cat was unable to climb or jump up onto even fairly low objects. The cat staggered sideways as if drunk, and would 'bounce' off the walls when going down the hall.

EDIT: The blue tail skink is poisonous to cats. If a cat eats this specific type of lizard they will look as if they are drunk with symptoms such as twitching, shaking, and falling. In some cases the animal will recover without long term nerve damage, but many times skinks cause irreversible damage to the nervous system of the cat. I doubt the vet will do anything besides tell you to wait it out. The cat should probably be kept in a cage to prevent falls. The main concern is to make sure your cat keeps fluids down because he/she may not want to eat or drink. I am going through this issue with my cat now. I live in GA. where this type of lizard is very common and is a constant issue.


Do blue tailed skink's have babies?



What do you feed a 5 lined skink?

store bought crickets or mealworms, NEVER feed them wild crickets or mealworms, they could make him/her sick. you can buy these at PETSMART, that's what i do for my 5 lined skink.


Are blue tailed skinks harmful to dogs?

No, they bite hard but other than that they cannot cause any damage other than their teeth.

I wouldn't be so sure about that answer until I investigated it a little bit more. They apparently are very dangerous to cats: See the related link..


How do you catch skinks?

To catch a skink, you need patience and practice. They are very quick and hard to catch, so its a good question to ask. Try setting up a trap that won't hurt it. If your trap works, and you have caught a skink, good work!

I have a pet skink and I get all the information about looking after him properly from the site posted in the related links.

For those who think that they are pests, and that killing them is the best, please consider that animals and insects have lives that are as valuable to them as yours is to you.


Where does the five lined skink live?

they live in the dense rainforest's of north America I think


Are skinks harmful to cats if it bites them?

Skinks are neither poisonous nor venomous. In fact, there are no poisonous lizards in the world- only venomous ones, and the only venomous lizards on Earth are the Gila monster (Heloderma suspectum spp.), the Mexican Beaded Lizard (Heloderma horridum spp.), and the Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis). Although many believe the Komodo Dragon's "venom" to be the product of solely dental bacteria, Dr. Brady Barr's recent work with the species has shown that they actually do have a venom of their own (as impotent as it may be). I talked with him in person about this work a couple years ago.


Are skinks poisonous?

Skinks are not the least bit harmful to humans, but if a domestic animal were to eat them, it could be toxic or cause permanent nerve damage.


What is the most poisonous reptile?

"What is the most poisonous reptile?"

The most poisonous reptile is the Belcher's Sea Snake.


The Inland Taipan AKA Fierce snake is not poisonous at all. It is the most venomous however. No snake is poisonous. Venom and poison are two different things. Venom can do a multitude of harmful things to the body.


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