The Spinosaurus lived in the Cretaceous period around 122 million years ago. Two species of the dinosaur have been discovered so far, Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus (Egyptian Spine Lizard) and Spinosaurus Maroccanus (Moroccan Spine Lizard). They were much larger than the Tyrannosaurus.

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Who Would Win

Who would win in a fight t-rex or spinosaurus?

I'm answering my question here :P one, I'm a spinosarus fan i like them but they are only 20% known/discovered against a 70% known t-rex fossils, while spino's are faster, have less bite fore (not by that much in recent discoveries) but the spinosaurs also has bigger hands, good advantage, and news flash, if it knocks on to its side where it's sail gets broken or something near that, it wouldn't die that easy, it's sail is only meant for intimidating and mating and it slows the spino dawn a bit but, it's 60ft tall croc-like spino's are smarter than t-rex to, but in a long run idk honestly, the t-rex has a very incredible bite force, 37ft, tiny arms, breaks bones, not very smart, slow, more muscle, but not as much strength, honestly, you have to have a lot of strength to live and fish near the largest croc to ever live, in case he trys grabbing you as a snack, 60ft croc, so a spino has to have much more strength because it actually fishes, everyone knows you need strength to fish, and for rex, if rexy ever gets the spino's legs, tail, neck, or head t-rex may win -instant win if it gets the neck and head and assumably legs, but other than that the spinosarus would anticipate t-rex and intimidate him for a perfect grab, honestly it's 50-50% they evenly match out, if rexy can get to this spot, if spino can get him to chase him till it gets to a certain spot, all the same. both can win both can lose but you do gotta give credit to a 20%known Dino matching up to a t-rex. it's my opinion and with lots of facts in piled most of it is true, don't think a spino is worth nothing, remember one thing, Brains Beats Bronze no matter what!! but spino don't have those brains neither t-rex but t-rex is a lot dumber than most Dino's (mostly dumber than other carnivores) however, i don't really know if spino is smarter than t-rex because no one knows yet so that makes it worse, honestly it's still 50-50 so yea, lets just balance that out hope less people fight over it because if not than go cry to your mommies this IS 48% fact and 52% opinion.


Can a spinosaurus beat t-rex?

Anyone who says yes clearly doesn’t do research on the animals and only watches Jurassic park. The Trex bite it comparable to being crushed by three cars and needed to be to hunt huge prey like the triceratops. The spino has a very thin jaw meant for hunting fish. It’s obvious to say the spino hunting a trike would be a huge risk for it and not to mention it wouldn’t even be able to catch most land animals. And I’ll put it in numbers for you. T. rex bite force 35,000 to 57,000 Newtons. Spino 14,200 - 16,000 Newtons.

Animal Life

Did the spinosaurus make any sonds?

yes they did, the noise they made were growling sounds like a terex


They probably could, modern day dinosaurs (birds) can make a huge variety of sounds and some can mimic noises they hear. Their relatives, crocodilians,

can make more basic noises like hissing and growls. We don't know exactly what a spinosaur

was capable of because the soft tissues


for the creation of sounds aren't preserved.


Is spinosaurus live in land or water?

it lived on land and swam in water


The Spinosaurus was a land animal.


Who will win t-rex or spinosaurus?

The simple answer is we can't know at all. Largely of what we know about Dinosaurs is speculative, because we have to make a lot of speculations about them. Spinosaurus in particular is only known from few fossils, with large rages is size estimates ranging from 41 to 59 ft in length and 7.7 to 23.0 tons in weight . Spinosaurus would of been bigger and therefore stronger as well as having some nasty claws, T-Rex had a much meaner bite backing it up.

Now T-Rex fans will flip out over the Jurassic park 3 fight, where they will argue the T-rex was a juvenile, but will leave out the Spinosaurus was also smaller the what is currently estimated to be as well.

Some will argue the Spinosarus only ate fish, and while is undoubtedly did eat fish it is also incredibly likely it ate other dinosaurs. It is also believed that Spinosarus would switch between fish and meat, competing with both large Crocodilian and other Theropods, like Carcharodontosaurus, who was also bigger than T-Rex.

So untimely we really can't known, and people will argue for both sides and both will site facts, be really we don't know.


What is Spinosaurus?

Spinosaurus was a theropod that lived during the early Cretaceous. It was around 59ft. long and weighed around 9.9 tons. Be aware that all of the Spinosaurus ever found were subadults, meaning there could be larger specimens. It was also the largest the theropod.


What is the body covering of spinosaurus?

We don't have skin impressions of spinosaurs

yet so we don't know with certainty.


like Allosaurus

, Carnotorus

are known to have had scales on at

least some parts of their bodies.

At some point in dinosaur evolution feathers evolved. There is a lot of uncertainty as to where on the family tree this happened.

A small fuzzy dinosaur called Sciurumimuswas described

in 2012 and is thought to be a


the same group that spinosaurs

belong to.

If Sciurumimus is actually a megalosaur then feathers might be the most likley

option for spinosaurs.

It's also entirely

possible that if feathers are ancestal

for megalosaurs

they may have been lost in larger forms like Spinosaurus


At this point Spinosaurus

could be restored with either scales or feathers or a mix of the two.



Did spinosaurus's live in packs?


most likely did not live in packs and lived most of their life by themselves (except for the mating season.) It was a very large carnivore/piscivore,

even larger than Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus,

so it would need a lot of food to support itself. If it lived in packs then it would have to share, but each Spinosaurus

would not get enough food to support itself, plus there would probably not be enough fish in a single river to support a large number of Spinosaurus.

Also many species of dinosaur lived in packs, because there are safety in numbers, however a single Spinosaurus

was more than capable of defending itself from other carnivores like Carcharodontosaurus,

so it would probably be safe living alone.


We don't know. Spinosaurus

is only known from very fragmentary

remains. We know nothing about whether it lived in packs or not. Even dinosaurs known from many individuals

found together it's difficult to say if they lived in packs.



Did spinosaurus travel alone or in a herd?

It's very doubtful that Spinosaurus lived in herds. One reason I say this is, because Spinosaurus was primarily a fish-eatter and a single river would probably not have enough fish to support a large number of Spinosaurus. The only time Spinosaurus would have lived together was during the mating season.


Tyrannosaurus rex vs Spinosaurus?

True but in a fight a tyrannosaurus would win


How did Spinosaurus protect itself?

Although Spinosaurus jaws were weak they were still capable of biting and killing another animal. Spinosaurus also had very large, strong forlimbs with sharp claws that were meant for fishing, but could also be used as very deadly weapons.


Spinosaurus vs Tyrannosaurus who will win?

Spinosaurus will win. Spinosaurus is the largest and most powerful carnivore on Earth. It is almost 24 ft tall, 60 ft long, and weighs about 10 tons.


What is the habitat of the spinosaurus?

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How Big Was A Spinosaurus?


Names and Name Meanings

What does spinosaurus's name mean?

Spinosaurus means "spine lizard".

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

What is the cheat for dinosaurs in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

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Where was the first spinosaurs skeleton found?

In Egypt by Ernst Von Stromer.


Why Spinosaurus is considered weaker then Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Spinosaurus was likely more adapted to fishing than fighting. If the two ever could meet, it was unlikely a fight would have broken out however. Tyrannosaurus was more adapted to killing, with a bone crushing jaw, unlike Spinosaurus's long, and thin jaw. The only weapons Spinosaurus may have had against a dinosaur like T-Rex would probably have been its strong arms tipped with large claws.


Did a spinosaurus lay eggs or were they live birth bearers?

Pretty much all dinosaurs lay eggs, so Spinosaurus likely did too.


How did the spinosaurus move?

As the spinosaurus was big and bulky it meant that it will take longer to walk.


What period did the spinosaurus live in?

Early Cretaceous.....


What color is a spinosaurus?

The color of Spinosaurus, like other non-feathered dinosaurs, is completely unknown. However, by examining the feathers of some small dinosaurs under a microscope, paleontologists are beginning to piece together the colors of close relatives of birds. A few dinosaurs whose colors have been discovered include Anchiornis, Sinosauropteryx, and Confuciusornis.


Was Spinosaurus the only sailback dinosaur?

No. There were a few others, some related to the Spinosaurus itself (Oxalaia), and others unrelated, but still possessing the sail, such as Ouranosaurus.


Why is the spinosaurus a enemy with the carcharodontosaurus?

Because they were 2 superpredator in one region (north africa) so, they add to fight for food and territories, and that plus the sea level rising made the spinosaurus dispear.


How tall was the spinosaurus?

Spinosaurus was about 14 feet (4.3 meters) tall.


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