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Tyler Perry is an American actor and director. His films have grossed more than $400 million. He also produces his own TV show on TBS called "Tyler Perry's House of Payne."

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Tyler Perry

What is tyler perry's favorite color?


Tyler Perry

Can you tour tyler perry studios?


Tyler Perry

Why is Tyler Perry so successful?


Tyler Perry

How much money did tyler perry make in 2010?

SNL jokes about Tyler Perry being worth $800 Million Dollars, but in 2007 Fobes.com list rated Perry #3 on the top highest black earning entertainers of the year; at a reported $125 Million. 50 Cent came in second with $150 Million,

and Oprah in at #1 with a huge banking of $275 Million in 2007.

Forbes has ranked 50 Cent as the 2nd highest earning black entertainer behind none other than Oprah. Between June 2007 and June 2008 they say 50 made $150 million. In the same time period Oprah banked a whopping $275 million.

Tyler Perry

What did Tyler Perry show to society?

Tyler Perry showed to society what a modicum of humor, forgiveness and the love of God can do for the human spirit. He shows us how to get over our own vanity and be real to our families and people we don't even know. Through his characters we learn how to be responsible for our own faults, correct them if we know what they are, and accept correction and good council from others if we do not know what our shortcomings are. His inspiration shows us how to sing and celebrate at our lowest levels of discouragement and how to overcome vanity and selfishness at our highest levels of foolishness and folly. Perry shows us happy endings to miserable circumstances and how to know when to let go of a bad thing and keep hold on a good thing. Courage and hope, and laughing at ourselves in the thick of life is the lessons he conveys. They say a sense of humor is a sign of inteligence, therefore Tyler Perry is a genius. His comedic timing is perfect, as was Groucho Marx, Milton Berle, Jack Benny, Flip Wilson, Red Skelton, Will Rogers and all the great humorists of our time.

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Tyler Perry

Who is richer Tyler Perry or spike lee?

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry

Is bradley Steven perry related to Steven tyler perry?

Bradley Steven Perry is related to Steven Tyler Perry. Do anybody think that I am kidding?

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Tyler Perry

What are the lyrics to Heaven Waits For Me in Tyler Perry's movie?

After the pain

After the tears

After the suffering

For so many years

My body's leeting me down

Even thoug i said no

My heart longs for freedom

So please let me go

Cause Heaven waits for me

Uhhhh... the gates i can almost see

cause heavens waits for me

I'll get to sit at his feet

Because heaven waits for mmme


No more crying

I wont be alone

My mother is there waiting

For her child to come home

I'm so sorry

I have to leave you here

But if u knew where i was going

You wouldn't shed another tear

I'm trading mortal

For immortality

God gave me some wings

I wish u could see

Dont cry for me

Don't shed a tear

Just whatever you do try to make it here

Oh glory to god

Thank you father

Swing down chariot wont you let me ride

I fought a good fight

i found my favour

Oh yes i finished the race

I made it, i made it, yes i did

We wear the sting of death

It's your father

Thank you, Thank you...

I'm finally home

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What car does tyler perry drive in Good deeds?


Katy Perry
Tyler Perry

Is tyler perry related to Katy Perry?

No becuz Katy white Tyler black

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Tyler Perry

Who sang Heaven Waits for You in Tyler Perry's movie?

Chandra Currelley

Tyler Perry

What songs were played in madea's big happy family?

The show features songs by other artists, including Mary J. Blige, Lenny Williams,The Stylistics, and an excerpt of Betty Wright.

"People Make the World Go Round" (The Stylistics) - Company

"When There's Nothing left but God" (Candi Staton) - Aunt Bam

"Even Me" - Donnie, Byron

"What Do I Do?" - Shirley, Donnie, Joyce, Byron

"You Gave Me Jesus" - Joyce

"Mama" - Donnie

"Heaven Waits For Me"-Shirley

"You Are My Man" - Kimberly

"Tonight is the Night" (Betty Wright) - Aunt Bam

"I want to be free" ([Ohio Players]])-Company

"Can't Hide Love" (Earth, Wind & Fire) - Company

"Turn the Lights Off" (Teddy Pendergrass) - Monroe

"(If Loving You is Wrong) I Don't Want to Be Right" (Luther Ingram) - Tammy

"I'm Goin' Down" (Rose Royce/Mary J. Blige) - Joyce

"Because I Love You" (Lenny Williams) - Byron

"If Only for One Night" (Luther Vandross) - Harold

Correction- Teddy Pedergrass- Turn off the lights.

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Tyler Perry

Was Tyler perry homeless?

yes he was.

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Where can you write Tyler Perry for help?

You can reach Tyler Perry at this address: Attn: Tyler Perry Tyler Perry Studios/P.O. Box 140/541 10th St. Atlanta,Georgia 30318 Please do not send photos or gifts of any kind. Photos and gifts will be returned back to you if sent.

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Is Tyler Perry Married?

Yes it is very clear now that he's married to Keene LO Bee Perry an African woman from Alabama. He's very proud of it he says!

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Tyler Perry

What is the net worth of Tyler perry?

Tyler Perry's net worth is $400 million.

Tyler Perry

How do you meet Tyler Perry in person?

I thank you should follow him on twitter are facebook and kindly ask him to seen you a copy of his contact number are you can also do the same. Therefore, y'all should be closely in touch with each other. Hopefully, by the kindness of his heart he will try extremely hard to contact you immediately. So my suggest is to keep your head up and hopefully your wish will eventually come true. NEVER GAVE UP! I didn't and you should either.

Tyler Perry

Who is Tyler Perry's girlfriend or boyfriend?

Gelila Bekelle

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Who is Tyler Perry?

Tyler Perry (born September 13, 1969) is an American playwright, screenwriter, actor and director and producer of film and stage plays. His best-known character is Mabel "Madea" Simmons, who is a physically-imposing and overbearing, but well-intentioned, woman who serves both as comic relief and as the loud voice of conscience to the protagonists of Perry's works.Tyler Perry is an African American film and play writer.

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Tyler Perry
Hannah Montana

Are the country band perry really brother and sister?

yeah they are

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What is delonte real name from tyler perry house of payne?

Jason Dirden

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Will Smith
Tyler Perry

How can you contact Tyler Perry to get an audition for a movie?

You don't. He'll contact you. He's got your number. Just stick by the phone. He'll call, don't worry.

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Tyler Perry

When was Tyler Perry homeless?

Tyler Perry became homeless at the age of 16 yrs.old when he dropped out of High school. He later went back to obtain his GED. Tyler Perry became homeless after moving from New Orleans, Louisiana to Atlanta, Georgia where he spent his life's savings to make a musical that people did not attend. He spent months living in cheap motels and his car. A Christian, Perry kept his faith in God and kept writing. He became successful in 1998 and has never looked back. Now, he uses part of his wealth to help the homeless.
tyler perry was homeless 2004 thru 2005

Tyler Perry

How did Tyler perry helped the black community?

By hiring many african-american actors

Mohandas Gandhi
Tyler Perry

Is Rafer Alston Married and if so to who?

No he is not! He has been in a serious relationship with his girlfriend from Milwaukee.


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