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Virtual Villagers is a series of sim games, based on the island of Isola. The island is full of refugees from a natural disaster. They must figure out puzzles and develop skill sets to create their new home.

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Virtual Villagers

In Virtual Villagers 2 how do you throw away unedible stew?

You can't, just wait a while...

Virtual Villagers

Where Can you buy virtual villagers 4 on CD rom?

You can't. You have to download it onto your computer. I used and found all of the Virtual Villagers games on there ready for a free full game trial or purchase. I bought Virtual Villagers 4 there for around twenty US dollars. Good luck!

Virtual Villagers

Virtual Villagers 4 The Tree of Life - My berry supply ran out and I can't find another food supply?

As soon as you get enough tech points, the first thing you have to buy is is construction. Then get as many builders as possible and clear the pit of stones next to the fruit trees near the berries. Once that is done you have to be very quick with the next step. Set your game speed on fast and make sure there is no water in the pot. Now get a young villager (old ones take too much time) and drop them on the pile of blackened stones next to the science lab staircase (the fire has to be lit before you do this) and wait for them to get to the fire. Then wait for 6 long seconds and drop another villager onto the stones again. Make sure you are holding a villager ready to be dropped on the stone next to the fire as soon as it's red. If all goes well, your villager will take the red stone to the pit before the other villager drops the other stone onto the fire. If the stone doesn't turn red before the other stone it dropped on the fire, try the process again and wait 8 seconds instead. If the project goes smoothly, again wait and then drop another person on the stones and repeat the process until you have four stones on the pit. Dont worry if your villager drops the stone on the same spot and you still have the same amount of stones because you will eventually have four. Once you have three, keep an eye on the pit because as soon as you have four stones, you will have to act fast again and drop a villager on the banana tree next to the berry bush. Once that is done, your villagers will start celebrating and a message will pop up saying you completed the milestone. Congratz. Now you can drag a farmer to the trees next to the pit and the will shake it down, cook it and then take it to the food bin. Make sure you turn the game speed to normal afterwards unless you play in fast like me. After this, make sure you purchase science and make cloth so you can fish ASAP, because if you have a large village, the trees will not be good enough as they take a long time to harvest and cook and only few farmers can harvest the fruit, and your village may die of starvation.

Virtual Villagers

What is key code of virtual villagers 5?

Have to buy it yourself Sorry

Virtual Villagers

How do you make clothes in virtual villagers 4?

First you need to have discovered/created the sharp tools by dropping one of you villagers on the giant fish skeleton. Next, drop a villager onto the giant "pulpy vines" you see behind the firewood and dry grass. They will go to the lab and retrieve a sharp tool then return and cut down pieces of the pulpy vine. They will then return to the lab and place it on the cooking table. Next, you need to place a rock in the fire to heat it. These rocks can be found at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the laboratory (*note: you have to have cleared the rubble from the pit near the fruit trees). While the rock is heating, head over to the wooden bowls next to the ocean underneath the cliff and drop a villager there. He will fill up the bowl and return to the cooking pot to fill it. Your rock should be heated by now so you can just drop a villager on the fire to pick up the rock and place it under the pot. Next, drop a villager onto the cooking table and they will begin adding the pulpy vines to the pot. Eventually you will not be able to see the water and the villager will begin holding his hands in the air. Drop them on the cooking pot and he will collect a bowl full of yellow liquid which he will spread on the flat rocks down by the ocean. Keep dropping your villager on the cloth (each time the villager completes the sequence ten percent is added to its completeness, if you have two villagers do it, the cloth takes half the time to complete and you may be able to take advantage of the double collection glitch!). After a villager pounds the cloth 10 times (or two pound it 5 times) you will get 3 bolts of cloth. It sounds difficult but it isn't...

Virtual Villagers

Where can you get a full game download of Virtual Villagers 3 from?

There is a site called it has tons of games including Virtual Villagers 3 for free with no time limits and you don't even have to pay or sign up for anything all you do is download the player (which will download on the first game you click) wait for it to finish downloading (about one minute) download the game you want wait for it to finish and play it for free with occasional (somtimes interactive) ads

Virtual Villagers

How do you fill up the lake in virtual villagers 5?

You have to make it rain enough for the lake to fill up then use the angel wings to make the fish come alive an there you go, the puzzle is gone. :)

Virtual Villagers

How do you fish in virtual villagers 3?

You have to complete puzzle 11. Then put one of your villagers in the ocean and he/she will start to fish.

Virtual Villagers

How do you remove the rubble from the fruit pit in virtual villagers 4?

You need to bye level 2 construction. After that all you have to do is drag some builders to the pile and they'll get to work:)

Virtual Villagers

What are some recipes for the alchemy lab in virtual villagers 3?

1. Rose (by the broken machine) + Cactus (by research area) + Lotus (by bath) = A "Light and Springy" feeling potion.

What is it used for? Drag a villager who drank the potion over to the area near the roses. It should say something about seeing something up high. They will grab the pink gem for the door, also known as the cliff key!


Virtual Villagers

How do you get puzzle 5 on virtual villagers 4?

Puzzle #5 The Butterflies

Requirements:Puzzle 1 and 2

Near the Berry Bush is a dry plant, once puzzle 2 is solved the plant will

slowly begin to recover, once the plant turns green it has fully recovered.

Drag an Adult villager onto the plant and then they will go get a cutting tool

to cut the plant. Once cut green smoke will start rising from them and then

Butterflies will start to follow them, slowly drag the villager to the tree and

make sure the butterflies are following. Drop the Adult onto the tree and then

they will start to wipe the sap on the tree and you will then get the puzzle.

Virtual Villagers

How do you get the noni on virtual villagers 5?

All you need to do is knock down the eating totem and they will leave so you can get the noni after that... If they ate all the Noni or you harvested them all, you can cast the bees power on the Noni and they will pollinate it giving it more fruit. (I don't now how much fruit).

Virtual Villagers

What happens when you finish virtual villagers?

Sadly, nothing. The game will keep going as long as you have living villagers.

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How do you get tech points faster on virtual villagers 2?

on the 18nlevel go into the yellow glowing log on the clife

hope this helps

Virtual Villagers

How do you kill all but one villager in virtual villagers 2?

make a stew of 3 black flowers. they can be found below the burial ground. this stew actually does harm to them. keep making your villagers eat it and it will eventually kill them.

DON'T do that! You're village will die because there will be nobody to breed with!

Virtual Villagers

How do you build statue in virtual villagers 3?

You will need Level 3 Restoration, Level 3 Leadership, a tribal chief, a Master Builder, and a completed bath (solved Puzzle 8). Drop the Master Builder on the chalkboard (which will be blank after the bath is completed), and he/she will draw up plans for the statue. Drag an adult villager (not a nursing mom) up the path to the door until he/she "Sees a good place to anchor the statue" -- this villager is more likely to be successful if he/she has some building skill. That villager will then build scaffolding to help anchor the statue. Your chief must direct work on the statue, so drop him/her on the statue to begin this process - if the chief stops directing work, then progress will halt until you return the chief to his/her duties. Once the chief is directing, you can then drop builders on the statue to help "pushing the statue". The villagers must push the statue up the path towards the door - this will take several hours (you can click on the statue to bring up a timer in the status bar that will help you determine how long is left - but this time depends on how many builders you have working on the project and may increase if builders leave the project). Your builders may occasionally complain that "there is no more room to help out" - only a limited number of builders can work on the statue at any given time.

Virtual Villagers

What is the key for virtual villagers 3?

Looks like your wrong and if you call that searching your far too lazy any way I bourt all 4 of the virtual villagers and I am far too bored of VV1,2,3 and 4 now so I'm happy to share them... Here you go

Virtual villagers 1 : Name : <Barbara Davey> : Key Code : <0000NC-KAU3RJ-0JGAVC-VV88T0-089N6F>

Virtual Villagers 2 : Name : NG WU JUN> : Key Code : <0000JG-VYQTM9-UR2CVX-XJYK30-W76NVQ>

Virtual Villagers 3 : Name : <Randy Shi> : Key Code : <0000JU-CW0GQD-DUN7UE-J0JWJE-9WE0FM>

Virtual Villagers 4 : Name : <Jacob McDonald> : Key Code : <0000HQ-BG6RFZ-KPH5ZJ-967894-CMJM5G>

Hope you enjoy Virtual Villagers as much as I did. Max population all trophies and achievements plus all puzzles solved on all 4 :P And when number 5 comes out I will also post it because I will buy it ^^

virtual vilagers5 new believers is already out and by the way you don't need to buy it. you can get it for free with no time limits at , the only thing that is not the best about it is their are ads which are not very awesome.

Virtual Villagers

Where can you get virtual villagers 4 free full version download?

There's a website called "Aimini". Register for membership. Its 100% free membership. All you need is email, name, etc. (No credit card info needed)

Anyways when you apply for membership, type in Virtual villagers. Then the file

will show up. Make sure you have winrar to unzip the file. No serial numbers needed. :)

Virtual Villagers

How do you build the clothing hut in virtual villagers 4 the tree of life?

You need lvl 2 science then a sewing hut will just appear ;D

Virtual Villagers

How do you move the boulder in virtual villagers?

1. clear the blockage to the lagoon.

2. you must have the fertility box fully researched.

3. you must have the golden child

4. to get the golden child take a nursing mom and put her in the lagoon.

5. a child with a gold cape type thing will be born. he has mastered all the skills. he then will open the boulder on his own. do not force him because he will not. believe me i have tried. in the mean time you can take him to the field of flowers if you don't have that drag another vilager over to start watering it. The golden child will then call the butterflies. then take him to the orange plant to solve a diffrent puzzle.

Thanks for reading!

Virtual Villagers

When is Virtual Villagers 3 coming out?

Web site is the only answer. Virtual Villagers: The Secret City, or as you know, Virtual Villagers 3, will come out in the Spring of 2008. I do not know the exact date of when this new game will come out. But all I know is that it will come out in the Spring.

Virtual Villagers

How do you get the pulpy vines down on virtual villagers 4 the tree of life?

Put one of the research specialists next ot the vines until they decide to do something with them. This may take several times. You can make paper with these.

Virtual Villagers

Are there any cheat codes for Virtual villagers ds?


Virtual Villagers

Is there any cheats for virtual villagers?

yes there are , you just need to look it up on or google and type your q's and there will be an add for the cheats

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Where to find virtuagirl 2 software?

Virtuagirl 2 is outdated.

VirtuagirlHD is the newer program. If you want to get it, use one of the links below. They have a special offer where after you use it for the first three days, one girl can be yours for free.


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