Young Justice (cartoon)

Young Justice is a cartoon on Cartoon Network from DC comics and there is also a comic book series about it. It is about a group of teens who become a team that operates from Mt. Justice and is controlled by the Justice league. It was started when the 'sidekicks' Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash broke into the Cadmus facility when they thought that something was going on and wound up finding that the prior had cloned superman and then helped said clone escape and the justice League then formed 'the team,' a group of young heroes who's job is to go on covert missions that the justice League can't do due to the fact that they'd be more easily noticed.

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Young Justice (cartoon)

When does Young Justice Invasion resume?

Never. The

series finale aired Saturday March 16th 2013. In other words, it's

not returning.

Young Justice (cartoon)

When did Young Justice episode 19 air?


MisplacedairedMarch 3rd 2012


Season02|Episode10Summitaired March 9th 2013.

Young Justice (cartoon)

When does beast boy appear in young justice?

Beast boy's secret identity, Garfield Logan, had a major role in the episode "Image" and was shown in a trailer for season 2.

Young Justice (cartoon)

Will rocket show up on young justice?

Yes, she joins the team in the 25th episode "Usual Suspects".

Young Justice (cartoon)

When does Young Justice air?

Young Justice does not appear to be airing or streaming anywhere currently [August 2017]. The third season, titled Young Justice Outsiders, will debut on DC Entertainment's streaming service sometime in 2018.

Young Justice (cartoon)

Will Artemis appear in Young Justice Season 2?


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Young Justice (cartoon)

Has Young Justice been cancelled?

Yes. March 16th 2013 was the series finale. Although, in November 2016, DC Animation revealed a third season of Young Justice was in production.

The third season, titled Young Justice Outsiders, will debut on DC Entertainment's streaming service sometime in 2018.

Young Justice (cartoon)

When will Artemis appeare in young justice?

According to Wikipedia ( terrible resource site) and other websites, Artemis is thought to appear halfway thrugh the first season of young justice. The websites also state that there will be another regular teammate at the end of the season.

Artemis first appeared in the Young Justice episode "Infiltrator" which aired on February 11, 2011.

Young Justice (cartoon)

When did Episode 11 of Young Justice air?

Season01|Episode11Terrorsaired September 23rd 2011.Season02|Episode11Corneredaired January 12th 2013.

Young Justice (cartoon)

Will supergirl appear in young justice?

Yes, she first appears in Season 2 Episode 1: Happy New Year along with bat girl, blue beetle, lagoon boy, and many others

Young Justice (cartoon)

How many episodes will there be for Young Justice season 1?

There will be 26 episodes for the first season of Young Justice.

Young Justice (cartoon)

Is raven going to be in young justice?


Young Justice (cartoon)

Are Artemis and Wally in Young Justice Invasion?

Yes. As of 5/19/12, Wally (Kid Flash) was shown, not as Kid Flash, but as just Wally West, retired from both affiliations with the Young Justice Team and the Justice League which 2 of the old members of Young Justice joined. He then returns to his home where he is living with an older (and hotter) Artemis. There they are either really close boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife. Relationship status is unclear, but they definitely live together.

Young Justice (cartoon)

What are the names of the young justice league?

If you're referring to the cartoon on Cartoon Network, it's Beastboy, Robin, Nightwing, Impuls, Superboy, Miss Martin, Blue Beatle, Wonder Girl, and Bumble Bee

If you're referring to the comic, I can't help you. There's too many.

Young Justice (cartoon)

Is Artemis spying on young justice?

It is not yet know who the spy (mole) is in Young justice.

It is probable that she may be the spy, but she has already been considered by Batman as the mole, as was Superboy and even Miss Martain.

Young Justice (cartoon)

How old is night wing in young justice invasion?

In season one he is 13 now in season two 5 years had passed so do the the math he 18

Young Justice (cartoon)

How old is k f in young justice?

Robin: 13

Kid Flash: 15

Artemis: 15

Miss Martian: 16

Superboy: 16

Aqualad: 17

Keep in mind I could be wrong... Except on Robin. I know Robin's character like the back of my hand. <3

Young Justice (cartoon)

What are all the Young Justice Villains' names?

The Light - The primary antagonists of the Season 1 who plotted and engineered various events throughout the series. The group was conceived by Vandal Savage who isn't the leader, but rather the first among equals.[52] The identities of the leaders are known only to a very select group of individuals that work with them.[53]

Vandal Savage (voiced by Miguel Ferrer) - Member of the Light under the designation of L-1. As mentioned above, he isn't the leader, but had conceived the group.

Ra's al Ghul (voiced by Oded Fehr) - Member of the Light under the designation of L-2 and leader of the League of Shadows.

Lex Luthor (voiced by Mark Rolston) - Member of the Light under the designation of L-3 and CEO of LexCorp. He played a part in the creation of Superboy by donating his DNA.

Queen Bee (voiced by Marina Sirtis) - Member of the Light under the designation of L-4 and dictator of Bialya.

  • Psimon (voiced by Alan Tudyk) - The right hand of Queen Bee who has telepathic powers. He often faces Miss Martian in telepathic battle, and was once put into a catatonic state by her.

Ocean Master (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) - Member of the Light under the designation of L-5 and the half-brother of Aquaman. Sometime after the events of Season 1, he was somehow disgraced and was replaced with Black Manta.

Brain (voiced by Nolan North in the first unofficial appearance, Corey Burton in the first official appearance) - Member of the Light under the designation of L-6.

  • Monsieur Mallah (vocal effects provided by Dee Bradley Baker) - Brain's gorilla sidekick.

Klarion the Witch Boy (voiced by Thom Adcox-Hernandez) - Member of the Light under the designation of L-7. According to Greg Weisman, Klarion joined the Light mostly because it seemed like fun.[54]

Black Manta (voiced by Khary Payton) - An associate of the Light and Aqualad's father. In Season 2, Black Manta has replaced Ocean Master on the Light.

The Injustice League - A small group of villains who used plant-like creatures to attack the Earth in "Revelation." They seemed to play as the masterminds behind events in Season 1, but in reality they were scapegoats to distract the Justice League from uncovering the true masterminds: the Light.

Atomic Skull - A S.T.A.R. Labs scientist turned supervillain and enemy of Superman.

Black Adam - The main antagonist of Captain Marvel.

Count Vertigo (voiced by Steven Blum) - Member of the royal family of Vlatvia obsessed with seizing power from his niece Queen Perdita.

Joker (voiced by Brent Spiner) - The main antagonist of Batman.

Poison Ivy (voiced by Alyssa Milano) - A plant manipulator and enemy of Batman.

Ultra-Humanite (vocal effects provided by Dee Bradley Baker) - Supervillan primate with super-human strength and intellect and enemy of Superman.

Wotan (voiced by Bruce Greenwood) - Immortal sorcerer and main antagonist of Doctor Fate.

Blockbuster / Mark Desmond (voiced by René Auberjonois) - Mark Desmond is a scientist who works at Project Cadmus and works for the Light. He created the Blockbuster formula and helped Lex Luthor to create Superboy. When Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Superboy were about to escape the Cadmus building, Mark Desmond ingested the Blockbuster formula becoming Blockbuster.

T. O. Morrow (voiced by Jeff Bennett) - The scientist responsible for creating Red Tornado and an operative of the Light. He also created Red Torpedo and Red Inferno to infiltrate the Justice Society of America, both of which failed. He worked with Bromwell Stikk to test out the Mister Twister armor. It is later revealed that T.O. Morrow was in a coma and that he built an android in his place.

Professor Ivo (voiced by Peter MacNicol) - A mad scientist and associate of the Light. He was the one who created Amazo and helped Brain and Klarion the Witch Boy weaponize the Starro-Tech.

Sportsmaster (voiced by Nick Chinlund) - A sports-themed agent of the Light. He is the ex-husband of Paula Crock and the father of Artemis and Cheshire.

League of Shadows - A group of assassins that are led by Ra's al Ghul and carry out the bidding of the Light.

Black Spider (voiced by Josh Keaton) - A spider-themed assassin.

Hook - An assassin with a hook for a hand.

Professor Ojo (voiced by Nolan North) - A scientist who wears a special helmet to see.

Sensei (voiced by Keone Young) - A high-ranking member of the League of Shadows.

Cheshire (voiced by Kelly Hu) - Member of the League of Shadows, the sister of Artemis, and the daughter of Sportsmaster and the Huntress. In Season 2, Cheshire is shown to be married to Red Arrow with whom they have a child and has left the services of the League of Shadows. She informs Red Arrow on where the real Roy Harper is located, and together they rescue him.

Hugo Strange (voiced by Adrian Pasdar) - Warden of supervillain prison Belle Reve who is also an operative of the Light. He is responsible for Professor Ivo's temporary breakout on behalf of the Light so that Professor Ivo can weaponize the Light's Starro-Tech.

Riddler (voiced by Dave Franco) - An enemy of Batman who specializes in riddles. He was an inmate at Belle Reve and the only one to escape during Icicle Sr.'s failed breakout attempt. Riddler is also shown to be an agent of the Light as he was seen helping Sportsmaster secure a part of Starro from S.T.A.R. Labs.

Kroloteans - An alien race that are recurring enemies in Season Two. One Krolotean used a special suit to masquerade as General Tseng only to be exposed and taken away by Lobo. Another one tried to masquerade as Bibbo Bibbowski only to be stopped by Blue Beetle, Bumblebee, and the real Bibbo.

The Partner (voiced by Kevin Grevioux) - An as-yet-unidentified partner of the Light who has only been seen in silhouette and is feared by the Kroloteans.

Young Justice (cartoon)

When is season 1 volume 2 of young justice be released?

It will be released on July 20th

Young Justice (cartoon)

Where can you find the episode of young justice titled fireworks online?

Probably YouTube. Perhaps Cartoon Network's website.

Young Justice (cartoon)

When is season 2 of Young Justice going to be released?

Season Two aired from April 28th 2012 to March 16th 2013.

If by released you mean on DVD, Volume One of Season Two released in January 2013. Now that the series is over, Volume 2 will no doubt soon follow, just a guess but probably out by Summer.

Young Justice (cartoon)

Who does Jessie McCarney play in young justice?

Jessie McCarney is not real but Jessie McCartney does exist. He plays Robin who is now Nightwing, so he is Dick Grayson.

Young Justice (cartoon)

When did Season Two of Young Justice air?

Season Two aired from April 28th 2012 to March 16th 2013.

Young Justice (cartoon)

Does mcdolands have young justice toys?

McDonalds did have them. They came out around March 2011, though, I have heard that there will be more coming out via rumor sites- so it is not know if this is true.

So the answer to your question right now, No. Not anymore.

Young Justice (cartoon)

Who is the mole amongst young justice?

Red Arrow controlled by Vandal Savage.


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