What are some good books about pulsatilla?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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Cummings, M.D., Stephen, and Dana Ullman, M.P.H. Everybody's Guide to Homeopathic Medicines. New York, NY: Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam, 1997. Kent, James Tyler. Lectures on Materia Medica. Delhi, India: B. Jain Publishers, 199

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Q: What are some good books about pulsatilla?
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What is the relation of silica and pulsatilla?

silicia is chronic for pulsatilla means for chronic symptoms of pulsatilla ,give silicia if pulsatilla is not effective

What is pulsatilla?

Pulsatilla nigricans, commonly known as pulsatilla, is a remedy derived from the plant commonly known as wind flower, pasque flower, or meadow anemone.

How is conjunctivitis treated in homeopathy?

These include Pulsatilla (windflower, Pulsatilla nigricans), Belladonna, and eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis ). Eye drops, prepared with homeopathic remedies and/or herbs, can be a good substitute for pharmaceutical eye drops.

What is another name for Pulsatilla?

Pulsatilla is also called Anemone or Wind Flower.Or "Pasque Flower"

Does Pulsatilla 30 cure tiredness in children?

It can cure tiredness an some children. Homeopathy is based on Individulisation- Individual characteristic of the patient... Homeopathy has many medicine for tiredness ..Pulsatilla is one among them. There are about 800 od medicine for that. PULSATILLA may or may not suit your child... Consult a homeopath first..

Is Pulsatilla 1000 the same as pulsatilla 30?

No, 1000 or 1M differs in strength from 30, though the medicine is same.

Is pulsatilla a blood thinner?

No, but platinum is

What are some good titles for book banning essays?

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Who is the typical pulsatilla patient?

Pulsatilla patients are generally emaciated persons who are sympathetic, sad, weepy, sensitive, easily offended, jealous, depressed, shy, introspective, and anxious.

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