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a generous file to assimilate the encryption for dsl modem router

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Q: What is fimware on dsl modem router?
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How do you manage a internet connection to be provided to ten pcs FM a single dsl modem?

Connect a router to the DSL modem, and if necessary add a switch to the router. Then connect all of your systems to the switch and the router.

What describes the external IP address that is obtained by a router through a cable or DSL modem?

What describes the external IP address that is obtained by a router through a cable or DSL modem?

Is a dsl wireless router also a modem or do I need to buy both?

A router and a modem are two separate things. There are a few different modem/router combo's, but typically you will need both items.

Can a wireless DSL modem be used as a wireless router?

You should be able to.

Can you use a router with peoplepc dsl?

Yes. You must first make sure your DSL modem is just a modem not a modem and a router. Then you must setup your DSL modem in "bridged mode". Next log into your router and change it from DHCP to PPPoE and enter your DSL username and password in the proper fields. All will work well from that point on. Thanks, Jonathan D. Raper Superior Computer Technologies, inc

How do you connect the wireless router to a dsl modem?

The question would be easier to answer if you included the specific model # of the Netgear router you are trying to configure. You can not connect a netgear router or any other router directly to a DSL line unless it also functions as a DSL modem. You can connect a router to a DSL modem which connects to a DSL line.

What is necessary if you want your ethernet network to connect to the intenet through a DSL or cable modem?

dsl cable router

Will your wireless router work for a modem if you are going from dsl to broadband cable?


Does anyone know where I can find DSL modem wireless router for a decent price?

A digital subscriber line (DSL) modem is a device used to connect a computer or router to a telephone circuit that has digital subscriber line service configured.

How do you connect 56k fax modem with DSL?

The short answer is that you don't. Sure, you can plug a fax modem into a phone line that supports DSL, but it is just using the dial-up capabilities of the line and not the DSL capabilities. A regular modem like that functions like a telephone and transmits in the audible frequency range and not the higher DSL frequencies. With DSL, you'd use a DSL modem (with or without an included router), not a dial-up modem.

What router do you use with DSL?

Most routers will be compatible with your DSL Modem. I've used LINKSYS for years without any problems.

How do you use a router with a dsl modem bc The router instructions say to plug the Ethernet cable into the computer and To do that you have to unplug the DSL modem's Ethernet cable from the computer?

Yes you take the internet access from the modem to the computer and move it to the router so the router can allow more access than just to the computer. In the back of the router there are spots for ethernet cables only one is a input and that comes from the modem and should be connected. There should also be 4 or more outputs and one then gets connected to the computer. You will need to buy more ethernet cables. Internet comes from your DSL modem and you need to disconnect your computer to allow the router to be installed. Your computer and anything else is then connected to the router