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What is seaweed?

Seaweed is a term applied to multicellular underwater plants (algae), and most notably to the varieties of kelp.
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What does seaweed do?

Answer It provides protein to all the organisms. Seaweed provides us with loads of nutrition. Different seaweeds provide different amounts of vitamins and minerals. Here ar ( Full Answer )
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Is seaweed salad made of seaweed?

The main ingredient in seaweed salad is understandably seaweed. There are several kinds of seaweed used for salads: wakame, hijiki, nori, to name a few.
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Names of seaweed?

There are many types of seaweed. Some of the many includeAcrosiphonia, codium, ulva, alaria, fucus, costaria, zostera, andspartina.
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What has seaweed in it?

There are many things that has seaweed in it, such as; sushi. musubi, ice cream, nori, and some medicines.
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What can you do with seaweed?

You can do numerous amounts of things with seaweed: Sushi, Fertiliser, Seaweed wrap, seasoning, Ice cream You can use seaweed as a natural remedy to treat many diseases, inc ( Full Answer )
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What does seaweed feed on?

They are plants so they 'feed' through photosynthesis. and issmoked by the fish in the sea because it's sea weed
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Is seaweed a virus?

No its a plant that grows at the bottom of the ocean. Not a virus.
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Do seaweed farmers plant seaweed?

Seaweed farmers do not actually plant seaweed in the seabed. Theyinstall ropes or nets, to which they tie young plants. Sometimesthese ropes/ nets are tied to stakes which are ( Full Answer )
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Were can you get seaweed?

Errr... the sea? There may be specialists selling seaweeds formarine aquaria, or edible varieties of seaweed as food, butotherwise you'd need to go to the seaside!