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Fort Orange was the first (1624 near present day Albany) and New Amsterdam was the second (1626 on the south end of present day Manhattan island). The settlers of Fort Orange were mainly Dutch. New Amsterdam was also comprised of many nationalities. They included Dutch, English, German, Irish, Polish, Walloons (from Belgium), and a few Jewish Brazilians.

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New Amsterdam, which became New York City.

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Q: What is one important early settlement in New York?
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Was Brewster settlement a place back in the early 1900's?

If you mean a colonial settlement in Brewster, New York the answer is yes.

Name for early Dutch settlement which became New York City?

The name of the first dutch settlement was New Amsterdam

What impotant settlement happened when New York was not a state?

The New Amsterdam settlement by the Dutch.

Where is the Henry Street Settlement in New York New York located?

The address of the Henry Street Settlement is: 466 Grand St, New York, NY 10002-4804

What is the New York settlement?

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What was the name of the settlement of New York?

New Netherland

Why is New York a settlement?

The reason for the settlement of New York was that it was seized from the Dutch in 1664. It prospered in economic trading and farming.

What is the phone number of the Henry Street Settlement in New York New York?

The phone number of the Henry Street Settlement is: 212-598-0400.

What was the original name of the new york settlement?

New Netherland

What happened to the settlement of new Amsterdam?

It turned into new York

Was New Netherlands the original name for New York?

New Netherlands is the original settlement name for New York

Where was the first Dutch settlement in North America?

The Dutch were the first settlers in New Amsterdam, until the king of England had his brother, James the duke of York, go over and take New Amsterdam. The Dutch surrendered without a fight, and King George named it after his brother, New York.