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Once elected and after Congress has certified the Electoral votes, a President of the United States may only be removed from office by impeachment by the House followed by conviction by the Senate, or by the more prudent means of resignation ( a la Richard Nixon).

Johnson and Clinton were impeached, but no President has ever been convicted and removed from office.

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Q: Can a recall election be used to remove a US President from office?
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Which political reform gave voters the power to remove elected public servants from office?

The action is known as "recall". It is not universally available and depends on the state or county and the office.

Can the president be thrown out of office without impeaching him?

No. The impeachment process is the only lawful way to remove a president from office. Of course, he could voluntarily resign under the threat of impeachment as did Richard Nixon.

What is it called when a president is removed from office?

Being impeached. Being impeached is incorrect. The House votes whether to "impeach" a president with articles concerning the charges. Once impeached, the Senate votes whether to remove a president from office, while the Chief Justice presides over the trial. Bill Clinton was impeached, but not removed from office. I think kicking a president out of office is simply referred to as removal from office.

What would a president have to do in order to get impeached and removed from office?

In order to be impeached, the President has to commit high crimes and misdemeanors and/or be derelict in his duties as determined by the House of Representatives in a bill of impeachment passed by them. Such impeachment requires the Senate to hold a trial based on the impeachment charges and vote by a 2/3 majority to remove the President from office. The Constitution does not attempt to precisely specify the grounds for removal from office.

When can the president be impeached?

The House of Representatives can impeach the President by passing an impeachment motion with a simple majority that lists the charges against the president. The passage of such a motion requires the Senate to hold a trial based on the charges and a 2/3 majority in the Senate is required to convict and remove the President from office.

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An election used to remove an official from office?

recall election

What is judicial recall?

A judicial recall is a legal motion to revoke a given office-holder's election and remove him/her from office.

What is the term for the election where voters remove an incumbent from office by a popular vote?

That is known as a recall election.

What is the purpose of a recall election?

A recall can occur when the government's people decide that they do not want a certain president in office. The purpose for a recall being to remove the elected official and replace them before their term has been finished.

What is the term for the procedure enabling voters to remove an official from office by calling for a special election?


What act can remove a public official from office by petition?

If enough signatures are on the petition, there will be a recall election in which the public can vote to remove a public official from office.

What is it called when the citizens of the US of America remove the president from office?

The citizens can not directly recall a president or otherwise remove him from office.The House has available a process known as impeachmentwhich upon conviction vy the Senate can remove a president.

What is the term that means to remove a government official from office?

recall Impeach is the term used for early removal of an elected President.

Can the military remove the president from office?

The military does not have the athority to remove the president from office.

What is the law to recall?

A recall election (also called a recall referendum, recall petition or representative recall) is a procedure by which, in certain polities, voters can remove an elected official from office through a direct vote before that official's term has ended.

Ability of voters to remove elected officials from office?


Citizens can vote to remove a public official from office in a?


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