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General Sherman was assigned this task by General Grant. This Total War started against mostly helpless farmers in the Shenandoah Valley. There were very few Confederate Troops there but it was a Highway for the Confederate Armies to move. In the late summer of 1864, Sherman and his Army burned about 2000 Civilian homes, 7000 livestock and killed everything in sight. This crippled the Confederates abilities to receive and produce supplies. From the Shenandoah Valley Sherman moved South destroying anything in his path all the way to Atlanta and Savannah Georgia. When his army finally turned back north, it destroyed everything again up until reached N.C. These tactics broke the hearts and minds of the Confederate Civilians and Soldiers.

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Q: How did the union wage total war on the south?
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Which Union officer is known for advocating total war on the South?

William Tecumseh Sherman was the general who theorized and applied the Total War on the South.

Who is the Union general who waged total war on the south?

General Sherman

What side conducted total war?

Sherman through the south. He was Union.

Who was the Union general in charge of the total war to the South?

General Sherman

Why did the union go to war with the south?

Most people mistaking believe that the Union declared war on the South because of slavery. This was not true until the war was ending, and the Union thought that slavery was the South's inspiration to fight. The North declared war on the South to preserve the Union.

What was the total war and why did Sherman use it to help defeat the south?

"Total War" is an act (to my understanding) that kills off the enemies arsenal and resources to stop the enemies from continuing to fight (rebel). Without the resources, the South would have no way to rebel against the Union anymore besides they were already low on resources. General Ulyssis S. Grant believed in total war and he ordered General William Tecumseh Sherman, also a believer in total war, to wage total war against the South. He set out in March 1864 from Tennessee to Georgia. Sherman reached Atlanta, South's main manufacturing and railroad center, on September and he burned the city.

Was the union the north or the south during the civil war?

The Union was the North. The South was the Confederacy.

Why did Union generals US Grant and William T Sherman want to wage total war on the South?

Union generals US Grant and Sherman, with President Lincoln's support did not wage "total war". In fact the term did not even exist. What military historians say is that the Union tried to destroy civilian farm goods that could be used to supply the Confederate armies. Also, in the Eastern Theater the Union waged a war against Southern armies. In the Western Theater, the Union fought over territory.And, the best military term used to describe US Grant's strategy is called a "war of exhaustion", meaning they chased down Confederate troops and denied them supplies, "exhausting" the Southern armies.

Why did the south won the Civil War?

The South lost the Civil War. The Union was preserved.

Was the union south or north during the civil war?

The Union was North(:

Did the soviet union send money to north or south korea?

The Russians were in total support of North Korea during the war

Was the South the Confederates in the war?

Yes- the South was the Confederacy - the North, the Union

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