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One reason that the Patriot colonists wanted freedom from Britain was so that they could have religious freedom. They want to worship in their own way.

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2014-07-02 19:09:16
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Q: What is one reason the patriot colonists wanted freedom from Britain?
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What Reason to become a patriot during the revolutionary war?

because it was freedom for the rights of English men and for America to be independent from the grasp of great Britain

What is one reason colonists came to America?

- Freedom- Political liberty- Religious freedom- Economic Opportunity- Practice their religion- Escape persecution-------------------------------------------------------The common textbook answer is that the colonists came to America in search of religious freedom.

What was the reason the colonists declared their independence from great Britain?

American colonists did not think that they were being treated fairly by Great Britain.

What was the main reason the colonists were angry with Britain?

Becaues of the taxes

What was one reason colonists came to America?

For goods

Was freedom of religion important to the colonists?

Yes. It was a major reason for their migration.

What was the main reason that colonists came to America?

to find religious freedom

What was the reason that the colonists moved to America?

liked it better more freedom

What was Britain's main reason for taxing colonists?

To help Great Britain pay for her European wars with France.

Why were the colonists angry at Great Britain?

There is no main reason, they can be the acts, the massacre, or taxes.

What was the main reason colonists came to New England was?

Religious freedom, wealth, land.

Who was John connolly british loyalists?

John Connolly of Virginia. Also the governor of Pittsburgh. Believed that colonists were discontented minority with no real reason to drag the colonists into war. Also believed most colonists do not support the Patriot cause. He actively seek-ed support for Britain from Native Americans. Also want to involve the entire population of the Virginia countryside in helping Britain fight the rebellion.

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