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The civil war, Union vs. Confederate

More Americans died in the American Civil War than in any other war in U.S. history.
More Americans died in the Civil War than any other war. More than 620,000 soldiers lost their lives in the war. More than two-thirds of the deaths were the result of diseases. Dysentery alone killed more than 95,000 soldiers.

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Q: What war in history killed the most Americans?
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What was the most destructive war in us history?

Probably the Civil War was because the most Americans killed in any war was our own Civil War fought between the Northern and Southern states between 1861 - 1865.

What was the most deadly war in US history?

The American Civil war had the most men killed.

How many Americans were killed during World War Korea?

This question is a bit unclear. If you are referring to the Korean war, 36,516 Americans were killed in that war. If you are referring to World War II, 418.500 Americans were killed in that war.

Which group of Americans suffered the most during World War 1?

The families of those killed in the war suffered the most.

How many Americans killed in civil war?

At least 816,000 americans got killed

Why is Civil War considered 'The worst of wars'?

it killed the most men in American history

What war did the most Americans killed?

If you mean what war had the most US casualties is was the Civil War, over 700,000. More than other wars that have happened since combined.

How many Americans were wounded in the Korean War?

sorry, but i do know that 50,000 Americans were killed in the Korean War.

What war had the most men killed?

For the US: the US Civil War (1861-1865) for the obvious reason we were fighting each other (Americans killing Americans); Southerners fighting Northerners.

What economic challenges did Americans face after world war 2?

they didn't have much juice after hitler killed most of it

Who is a famous zuni person in history?

he killed 17 people in the most famouse war bruse glande

Why did the US abandon isolationism?

America was not yet ready for a war but Roosevelt prepared for war anyway. Japan decided to bomb Pearl Harbor. Ironically is where we had most of our fleet. Japan killed and injured lots of Americans and when Americans get killed we get mad. That is how we joined the second world war.

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