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sup in order to get 5.50, you would have to have the following : free space on your psp a wireless hotspot and not a wireless network otherwise it wont work. now scroll over to settings, mkay now at the top you will see something that says network update click on will download a installer for the new update directly form sony headquarters, now when it's done downloading scroll over to the controller,go to hte very bottom,and you will see this word memeory stick,now its like playing a demo just click on it, it wont install unless you have aT LEAST a 65 percent charge. your so welcome any more questions you can email me at

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No, you need the latest firmware (I think 6.35) to access the PSN and the games you bought from it.

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you can download demos at

have fun!

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Yes, you need the latest firmware, to be able to download games from the PSN.

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Q: Are games for PSP version 5.51 available?
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When will the us version of a psp online store be ready for buying PS1 games converted for the psp?

There are many online vendor for psp games already available. You can just register in them for a small fee and they give you thousands of psp games to download legally. An example website is

What do you do when a PSP do when PSP version 5.03 downloaded games are lost?

Download the latest update, and redownload the games from the PSN.

Do New PSP games work in an old PSP?

All PSP games are the same, there are no version specific games. No matter what model a PSP it is, as long as it has a UMD drive then it can play any UMD game.

How do you download games to a PSP?

You can purchase and download games from the PlayStation Network, available from the PSP's menu bar.

What games are available for the PSP 3?

There are a large variety of different games which are available for the PSP 3. These games include, but are not limited to, NBA, Injustice, Beyond, and Ultimate Alliance.

Which call of duties are rated T?

the early ones and the PSP DS & PSP version games

Can the psp play ps2 and ps3 games?

No the PSP plays PSP games. The PS2 and PS3 games would be too complex to run even if a PSP version was made it has to be made with less capabilities so the PSP can run the program

When is tekken 6 coming to psp?

Tekken 6 is available on PSP version 6.0 since November 2009.

When will sims 3 be available on PSP?

an official release date is unknown. it's not even clear if there will be a version for the psp

Where can iget a free psp uploader for converting ps2 games psp games?

You can not change a PS2 game into a PSP game. Games have to be developed for a Platform and each version must be developed separately

Are there game boy advance games that are not available on PSP?

Yes, there are lots that arent on the PSP.

Will sly cooper thieves in time be on psp?

No, there are no Sly Cooper games available on PSP.