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Q: How did the use of the atomic bombs impact the outcome or World War 2?
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How did the atomic bombs impact the outcome of WWll?

they ended it promptly.

What impact did the atomic bombs on japan have on World War 2?

It lead them to surrender.

Social impact of the war during World War 2?

what was the impact of the war during the world war II

Do atomic bombs explode on impact of ground?

Some atomic bombs explode on impact, most explode in the air for maximum destruction caused by the explosion spreading out over a wider area.

Why was the impact of atomic bombs in World War 2 negative?

Well that's quite obvious, it's the death toll.

Did the nuclear bomb dropped on japan explode on impact or in mid air?

The bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were atomic bombs and not nuclear bombs and were designed to explode above the ground and not on impact.

Where were the first nuclear bombs dropped?

A nuclear bomb has never been dropped. It was an atomic bomb that was dropped on the Japanese cities Hiroshima ans Nagasaki. An atomic bomb is a nuclear weapon. Nuclear bombs have much more impact than atomic bombs, and could potentially end the World if a nuclear war was started.

How did dropping atomic bombs change the outcome of world war 2?

Atomic Bomb droppings onto Japan changed WW2 outcome as prior to it, Japan was still fighting strong and could of beaten the US. However, when Japan realised the US dropped 2 atomic bombs on August 6th and 9th, Japan was forced to surrender to the US like the Germans were forced to surrender to the Soviets.

What lasting effects have the use of atomic bombs had on the world?

The atomic age.

Names of atomic bombs?

the world war

Was there a book written about the atomic bomb before they were developed?

Yes, there were books written about the concept of atomic energy and the potential for atomic bombs before they were actually developed. One notable example is H.G. Wells' 1914 novel "The World Set Free," which featured a speculative portrayal of atomic bombs and their impact on society.

What was the impact of atomic bombs on the environment?

It desolates the land killing men, animals and vegetation.